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How Can I Lay Floor Tiles On The Balcony?

You may create a functional and elegant outdoor floor using floor tiles balcony. Take a look at our suggestions for getting the greatest results while laying tiles outside. Laying floor tiles balcony, whether on the steps,  kompositterrasse, or conservatory, is both attractive and functional. It may significantly elevate the grade of your home and give it a luxurious feel.

Using the same tiles outside as inside produces a quiet and harmonious surface, as well as making the area feel larger and more open. Furthermore, because Keramisk terrassefliser radiate heat, laying your feet on a sun-warmed floor is quite relaxing. Then there’s the practical side. It is simple to clean, both sweeping and drying.

Installation of Floor Tiles Balcony

Floor Tiles Balcony 

However, there are several variables to consider in order to get the intended outcome. Here is some advice for those of you who plan to place floor tiles balcony.

An even concrete surface

It is important to have a level surface. Concrete flooring is always used in most cases. It is also feasible to place tiles loosely on a packed sand/stone floor bed, but this will necessitate the use of thicker, 20 mm tiles. Consider the idea of a floating floor as well. The concrete base must be level and even, with the proper slope for proper drainage, and may need to be filled before putting tiles. In most cases, a 1-2 percent slope towards drainage or terrain is required. It is advised that the concrete be prepared with a primer, which is an adhesive preparation for filling, before filling the substrate. Please keep in mind that all items must be designed for usage outside. Before moving on to the following stage, make sure the surface is clean and dry.

A water-resistant surface

The substrate should be waterproofed to prevent limescale precipitation in the joints (lime from the concrete that enters the joints and discolors them white) and to protect the concrete from water that penetrates the joints. This is something we usually encourage, and if you have a basement under the floor, it is necessary to avoid moisture damage in the room below. After priming the floor, apply a waterproofing agent.

Choose the right floor tiles balcony

The floor tiles balcony you use must be frost-resistant (granite ceramic). This implies they contain a very little amount of water and hence will not freeze and shatter when it gets cold, as tiles with more water will. The tiles should not exceed 30×30 cm in size. If you want a larger one, the case should be one-sided, or you may use floating flooring or loose tiles, but you’ll have to pick tiles that are around 20 mm thick. Choose medium gray or lighter gray floor tiles balcony. This is to keep the voltages low during temperature fluctuations and prevent them from overheating. Remember to select a non-slip surface as well.

Lay the Tile

When placing the floor tiles balcony, the weather conditions must be ideal to avoid future difficulties with the floor. The minimum daily temperature should be 10 degrees. The fix will not harden otherwise. The fix can shine, i.e. have time to dry on the surface before the plates are set, if the temperature is too hot or the wind is too strong, which can cause the contact layer (adhesion) to deteriorate and the plates to loosen over time. When dealing with the floor, it may be necessary to construct a wind and sun protection.


Place the floor tiles balcony in float fix, which is ideal for outdoor usage, after priming with primer. Use a notched trowel to apply to both the substrate and the plate (so-called double gluing). It is important to have complete tile covering; otherwise, water that penetrates the joints can settle in the air gaps that have developed beneath the tiles, causing the water to freeze and erupt, causing the tile to come loose. The floor can be connected two to three days after it has been laid.

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