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How do I Backup Yahoo Emails to Hard Drive?

One of the world’s best online email client applications is Yahoo. In order to view emails offline, it can occasionally be necessary to backup Yahoo emails to hard drive. These messages can be effectively distributed via various programs or removable media.

You can also give your friends or partners access to this message archive. In order to restore and access emails offline, you can download a backup copy of Yahoo email to your desktop. In order to save Yahoo email messages to a hard disc, we should look into it.

The ability to save emails from your Yahoo account to your hard disc is now a major problem. Yes, backing up your Yahoo email has several benefits. Thus, this article will make it clear how to archive your Yahoo Mail email messages. Let’s first analyze the need for backup, then go on to the answer.

Download the Advik Yahoo Mail Backup Tool and archive all of your emails from your Yahoo account to your hard drive. Your emails will be archived using this tool in a variety of file formats.

Reasons to Backup Yahoo Emails to Hard Drive

Clients depend on data, thus you can’t lose it. You should save a backup copy of your Yahoo email on your hard disc for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the causes:

  • To obtain the data and access it later, you can utilize a backup. You occasionally receive a lot of important communications, but you can’t always see them. It might be deleted for unclear reasons. Therefore, you must save such emails.
  • Your information may be lost if your account is compromised. You won’t be given the chance to add it back to your account. However, you can retrieve them if you have a backup of your email on your hard drive.
  • The Yahoo Mail email folders should ideally be archived on a hard disc before the virus accesses the data. You won’t be able to access your Yahoo account because of this.
  • Yahoo Mail archiving on a hard disc protects your data and allows access to users anytime and wherever.

How Can I Back up my Yahoo Mail to my Hard Drive?

You can backup emails from your Yahoo account to your local hard drive in a few different methods. From the list of solutions below, you may choose the one that is both efficient and secure.

Various Ways to Archive Yahoo Mail on Hard Drive

  • Archiving Yahoo Mail Emails Automatically
  • Copy and paste an email
  • Emails can be saved by copying and pasting them into Word.
  • Save certain Yahoo Mail messages to your local drive.

Method 1: Automated Yahoo Mail Folder Archiving to Hard Drive

You can use the tool to try and get around these restrictions. Also, you can save time and effort by using this tool. You can export Yahoo Mail to PST without Outlook by archiving it together with the attachments. Not a single bit of data will be lost in the process. Any non-technical user can easily understand and use this tool to carry out the backup procedure because it is so straightforward. As with Yahoo accounts, the tool preserves the metadata and folder hierarchy. Additionally, you can use the Delete After Download option to remove thousands of emails from Yahoo after a backup.

Method 2: Copy Email and Paste into Word

  1. Use any browser to access and log into your Yahoo email account.
  2. Choose and highlight the message, then copy it by clicking on the Mail that you wish to save.
  3. then launch Word and then paste this message.
  4. Lastly, choose a location and save the Word document there.

Method 3: Save Individual Yahoo Mail Emails

  1. Initially, launch any browser and access your Yahoo Mail account.
  2. Select and open the email that has to be archived now.
  3. Select the Print option by selecting the three dots from the top menu.
  4. Finally, to save emails to your hard drive, click the Save option.

Limitations of Manual Yahoo Mail Archiving to Hard Drive Techniques

Using the manual methods described above, saving Yahoo email to disc has a number of restrictions.

It is simple to put these techniques into practice. It’s challenging to back up each email individually if your Yahoo account has a large number of messages. Transferring your Yahoo inbox to your hard disc costs money.
Additionally, you can synchronize your account with email programs like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. However, keeping a lot of important information in your memory for your mailbox may result in data loss.
You won’t have the option to store the Yahoo attachments with your email if you download Yahoo email to your local hard disc in Word.

You couldn’t save all of your information at that point and you lost your attachments.
Therefore, we advise using an automated third-party backup program to get around all of these restrictions.


We describe ways to archive Yahoo Mail to Hard Drive in the article that follows. For a variety of reasons, users may need to backup their emails from a Yahoo account to a local drive. There are a few different methods in the blog post above to assist clients in moving all Yahoo messages to hard disc. Basically, we advise you to backup your emails from your Yahoo account using an automated and direct manner. Use the sophisticated Tool instead of the manual process because it offers several advantages for efficiently exporting all of your emails from your Yahoo account.

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