How Do You Break a Rule in An Essay?

An essay is about structure, fact, and investigation, in other words. Meanwhile, creative writing uses one’s imagination, creates characters, and tells stories. So, let’s look at some methods to breach the rules in your creative writing essay.

1. Personalize it

The writer of a creative writing essay generally views their work from a personal perspective. This is a significant divergence from academic writing, where writing in the first person is considered a cardinal offence.

Well, you may be assured that your writing soul is safe here. In reality, memoirs make up the bulk of creative writing essays. Now, I’m not talking about an autobiography in the traditional sense (though those would undoubtedly be considered creative nonfiction pieces). Instead, consider writing an essay about climate change’s effects as seen through the perspective of your volunteer experience in Haiti. Alternatively, you may write an essay about ethical business methods based on your recent unsuccessful enterprise. The bulk of creative writing essay assignments will enable and urge the writer to go personal.

2. Draw Outside of the Lines

Remove the webs and clusters that appear to be insane. Instead, let’s become a little more imaginative with our prewriting techniques. It will be critical to capture your readers’ interest, just as it will be in any work of creative writing. You want to transfer readers to the period and setting of your tale and keep them there for the duration of your essay. You’ll need a coherent narrative framework with a smooth flow to do this. So, why don’t you plot out your tale as the best storytellers do?

Plethoras of writing programmes (many of which are free) are accessible online, and some of the world’s most accomplished authors utilize them. Use a screenplay writing application, for example, whenever you start a creative writing project. These apps provide excellent outlining capabilities that might help you organize your “scenes.” When deciding on the optimal story framework, this may be a huge help.

3. Get Rid of the Five-Paragraph Format

Although you may despise the five-paragraph format, it is a unique tool for novice writers. Its power comes from its capacity to act as a template for writing a successful essay, ensuring that the writer incorporates all necessary elements of a solid argument.

However, because you’ve been crowing about tossing many of these features out the window throughout this piece, let’s do the same with the five-paragraph essay format.

After all, the purpose of a creative writing essay isn’t to make an argument. It all comes down to telling a tale. And not every story fits into a box. The ideal method to tell your tale is to do it in a way that engages the audience and conveys your message. You won’t be able to do either if you limit yourself to five paragraphs.

4. In the intro, take your time.

In a standard essay, you’re supposed to rapidly address your thesis in the opening before supporting it in the body of your article. The essay on creative writing is a little different. Your tale, not your argument, will be the backbone of your essay, even if you make a subtle case later in your writing.

Instead of hurrying to offer an argument, you’ll use the opening to engage your audience, which will take time emotionally. So the idea is to capture your readers in the first paragraph of the story and keep them reading, and then grow your plot until they are completely engrossed. Then you demonstrate what you’ve gained from this encounter.

It is hoped that by reading about it, they will learn it.

5. Taking Chances

This is a difficult one to put out there. Your essay will be fake if you abuse it. However, there are times when taking liberties with your work is permissible in creative writing. This means there may be times when you write something that isn’t entirely accurate. Yes, we know you’re gasping right now, but bear with me as we explain. Let’s look at Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood, one of the best works of creative nonfiction ever written. “Then, going home, he went toward the trees, and under them, leaving behind him the vast sky, the murmur of wind voices in the wind-bent wheat,” the book’s final sentence says. “Was there a breeze that day?

If the wind blows through the wheat in alliterative patterns on most days, then Capote may take some liberties here and suggest it was blowing on this specific day.

Let me be clear: if you take liberties with hard facts, your essay will suffer. If you do take them, make sure they’re exclusively for little times that have no bearing on the tone of your work.

That’s all there is to it

And with that, our anarchist blog article on creative writing essays comes to a close. Breaking rules can help you write more creatively, so have fun with them in your next assignment. Do you require some motivation? Read some examples of creative writing essays written by other students.

Send your manuscript to one of the professional Online Essay Help at LiveWebTutors if you’re confused about any of your selections in your creative writing essay. They will not only proofread your essay but will also offer advice on how to enhance your writing talents.

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