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How Executive Function Coaches Can Benefit College Students?

How Executive Function Coaches Can Benefit College Students?

Executive function coaching is an emerging profession that can help college students overcome various hurdles. Known as the “executive’s brain,” executive function coaching is a new way for individuals to manage their attention, working memory, and planning and organizational skills. Students can find themselves in an environment that triggers stress or anxiety, causing them to be more distracted or less able to focus on tasks. It can lead to difficulty finishing work assignments and keeping up with deadlines for quizzes, tests, and homework assignments. That is where Coaching With Brooke’s life coach for college students can help.

Who Are Executive Function Coaches?

Executive function coaches are the new face of tutoring. They aren’t handwriting notes, teaching test prep tricks, or drilling skills with flashcards. These coaches work one-on-one with students to evaluate and improve executive skill sets such as time management, task prioritization, planning, organization, and mental flexibility. These skills do not develop in a vacuum but through mindful practice and training. Executive skill sets are often built during childhood and adolescence; however,  you can learn them at any age through executive function coaching.

The executive function coach evaluates students to determine their strengths and weaknesses. For example, students may need to improve their ability to plan events or prevent procrastination. Students will learn strategies for enhancing executive skills, such as positive self-talk and developing habits that promote orderly working and study habits. Feedback is given to the student to grow as an individual and person. Executive Function Coaching says, “The coaching process does not involve teaching students new skills. Instead, the coach works to help students either build on existing strengths or modify negative habits.” Coaches can also make suggestions to improve a student’s pattern of behavior to enhance their executive function skills.

Benefits of an Executive Life Coach Over a Student

  • A life coach for college students will help students create an individualized education plan that meets their unique needs.
  • An executive function coach will meet with a student regularly to offer encouragement, advice, and feedback that applies to the student’s situation.
  • A coach can teach students how to create new habits and daily routines that allow them to stay organized and fulfill college requirements, such as studying for tests and completing homework on time.
  • The life coach for college students also has the opportunity to offer suggestions and tools to help a student remedy any mental health issues that may be causing difficulties.
  • The executive function coach will be able to evaluate what skills are needed to meet the specific course of study in an individualized way. If a student feels overwhelmed by their workload, the coach can help them set up time management systems that allow students to prioritize their tasks in a new way.
  • Executive function coaches will help prioritize schedules and academic pressures by setting up a plan of action that helps students complete their work on time. They’ll work with the student to create a plan to improve their ability to study effectively.
  • Coaches will help develop a routine that includes daily activities such as exercising, taking class notes, or reading textbooks. This routine will help keep the student on track for their college education.


Coaching With Brooke offers executive function coaching to college students looking for a way to improve their focus and organization skills. Becoming a  life coach for college students is the new “in” thing, so use this list of benefits to help you decide whether you would like to enroll in one of the many executive function coaching courses that are popping up. To know more, call us today at 15613032791.

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