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How is Data Science different from Machine Learning?

Data science and machine learning are two areas of technology that use data to improve how we produce and innovate goods, services, infrastructure systems, and more. Both the profession equates to in-demand and high-earning professional options.

Moreover, both relate in the manner, just like squares are rectangles, but rectangles are not squares. In simple terms, data science is the all-encompassing rectangle, but machine learning is a distinct square. Both these fields are often used by data scientists and are taken by practically every business.

Furthermore, a career in any sector can be lucrative. Therefore, to become proficient in these domains, it is necessary to have Data Science Training. Such training will make you understand the difference between the two and make you aware of its application.

What is Data Science?

It is the study of acquiring insights from massive volumes of data using different scientific methodologies, algorithms, and procedures. It also helps in the discovery of hidden patterns in raw data.

However, it is an interdisciplinary subject that allows you to extract knowledge from organized or unstructured data. Moreover, this technology enables you to convert a business problem into a research project, then back into a practical solution.

Applications to Data Science

List down below are the applications of data science:

  • Internet Search

Google search uses data science techniques to find a precise result in a fraction of a second.

  • Recommendation Systems

In order to make a recommendation system such as “recommended friends” on Facebook or “suggested films” on YouTube, you need the Data Science technique.

  • Image & Speech Recognition 

It’s easy to use data science to power speech recognition systems such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa. Furthermore, when you post pictures with a friend, Facebook detects them.

  • Gaming world

EA Sports, Sony, and Nintendo use data science technology which improves your gameplay experience. Moreover, to develop games, you can use machine learning techniques. It may also update itself as you progress through the stages.

  • Online Price Comparision

PriceRunner, Junglee, and Shopzilla are all working on this mechanism. Thus, using APIs, you can retrieve data from the required websites.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that use algorithms to extract data and forecast future trends. However, models are coded into software, allowing engineers to undertake statistical analysis to understand trends in data.

Moreover, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok collect users’ information. It guesses your interests and wants to be based on recent behavior and offers items, services, or publications that are relevant to you.

Furthermore, machine learning, as a set of tools and concepts, is used in data science, but it also appears in other fields. Machine learning is frequently used by data scientists in their work to help gather more information faster or to assist with trend analysis.

Applications of Machine Learning

List down below are the applications of machine learning:

  • Automation

Machine learning operates independently in any sector with no human interaction. For instance, robots conduct critical process stages in manufacturing factories. 

  • Finance

Machine learning is gaining traction in the banking business. Banks mostly use machine learning to detect trends in data. Also, you can use this tool to prevent fraud.

  • Government Organization 

The government uses machine learning to handle public safety and utilities.

  • Healthcare Industry

Healthcare was among the first industries to employ machine learning for picture recognition.

Data Science V/s Machine Learning: Which to Choose?

Machine learning is perfect for studying, understanding, and discovering patterns in data. You can use this methodology to train a computer to perform activities that would be too difficult or impossible for a person to complete. Moreover, machine learning can make judgments with little or no human assistance.

On the other hand, data science may assist you in detecting fraud by utilizing modern machine learning techniques. It also helps you to avoid monetary losses. Furthermore, it enables you to execute sentiment analysis to determine client brand loyalty.


Nowadays, organizations place a high value on leveraging data to enhance their goods. Data Science is basically data analysis without Machine Learning. Thus, data science and machine learning are inextricably linked. Machine Learning simplifies the life of a Data Scientist by automating processes. Accordingly, Data Scientists need to be well-versed in Machine Learning to be productive. Therefore, to become proficient and kickstart your career as a data scientist, it is necessary to have Data Science Training in Gurgaon.

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