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How To Choose Professional Dental Labs in China?

How To Choose Professional Dental Labs in China?

A professional dental lab in China produces dental restorations on the order of dental clinics or a dentist. They create partials, dentures, bridges, crowns, orthodontic appliances, and other dental restoration. Here, a dentist sends specifications or prescriptions for the dental restoration along with an impression or digital scan of the patient’s teeth. It is then the laboratory technician custom makes it(Professional Dental labs in China).

Dental technicians create custom-made dental restorations for dentists. They usually specialize in different areas: orthodontic appliances, complete dentures, crowns, bridges, partial dentures, ceramics or implants. As a dentist or dental laboratory distributor, you have to consider some of the basic criteria you need for your Chinese dental lab. Let us see what questions you must ask before choosing one:

Questions you must ask before choosing China Dental Outsourcing

  • What are their costs for various services and materials, and what are the payment needs?

Asking them for a quotation will help you answer all your questions regarding material and product costs. It also includes shipping costs and payment methods.

  • Where do they get their materials from? Do they work with FDA-compliant suppliers and materials?

By hiring some random person on the corner who makes copies of the alloys of another manufacturer, you don’t want to end up with a lab that is cutting costs. Typically, when something is made as a knock-off for half of the cost, it means the quality you will get will also be half of what you would expect.

  • Do they fabricate their restorations in-house or outsource in any way?

King questions about the dental products will help you understand if they get their items by outsourcing internationally or if they make them indigenously.

  • How many technicians do they have? Will you be able to communicate directly with the technician who is working on your case?

It is important to question the technicians working in the laboratory and check whether they possess enough skillset to work for you. Apart from this, you must also ask about their technology. It is because it is majorly responsible for the design and production of the product. Moreover, a good laboratory possesses a professional customer service team that is accountable for following customer feedback.

  • What are their quality control procedures?

Here let us take an example of the amount of work and time that goes into making a single porcelain-fused-to-metal crown. First, the technician has to pour the model and then pour a counter model and mount it. After this, they apply to die spacers, trim dies, and wax-ups in the casting ring. A technician does it more than once for every case and invests for overnight burnout.

It is essential to ask who is in charge of making sure this process and if there is a checklist? You should also ask if they conduct a final inspection that makes sure the product meets the exact specifications.

  • Do they provide implant services? Are they fully digital?

If a lab provides an implant service, make sure you get the real files and implant library from the milling centre. In addition, each milling centre should have received a special validated manufacturing process. It ensures that the milling product is suitable and meets the design requirements.

Using a specific material library, the milling centre guarantees the laboratory, the validation of materials and miling process, and the lab plans and produces the most precise and top-notch products.


When it comes to the quality of care that dentist offer and promises to patients choosing the right China dental outsourcing lab is important. Therefore, it is important to understand the role of the dental laboratory and set the quality of work. After all, the level of care you show in your products will reflect in the patients.

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