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How to Convert OST to PST

Microsoft Outlook is used by multiple users across all segments of the organization. Outlook also creates the OST file when users create their account while configuring with the Exchange Server. OST files are stored locally in the system and also allow accessing the Exchange mailbox data in the offline mode when the Exchange is facing downtime. However, there are many instances when the user will require to convert OST to PST file format. Some of them we will discuss in this technical write-up.

If you look at the solution for making the conversion, manual solutions and third-party software exist. However, choosing the rightconversion strategy is required to complete the conversion task quickly. This blog will provide you with an idea about such solution that is capable of performing the task with perfection.

What makes users convert their OST files into PST?

Many situations will be the reason for converting the OST into Outlook PST. Some of them we have listed below:

  • Corruption in the OST files can cause inaccessibility of data for the users, which will impact the workflow of the organizations.
  • Users cannot move their OST files into another system, so to enable users to access their OST data in another system, they can convert OST to PST file format.
  • If the users need to move to a different email client they cannot move the OST files. Users first need to convert their OST files to PST; then, after, they can think of migration.
  • At times when the users are unable to access the data due to the crash of the Exchange Server. The only solution is for users to convert the OST file into the PST.
  • When insufficient storage is left in the Exchange mailboxes, you can convert the OST files into PST files.

These are some more reasons for the OST to PST conversion, but now we will move towards explaining to you the methods to make the conversion. Mostly Users first try to convert OST to PST with the help of manual solutions. However, in the end, some fail to make the conversion successful. The failure is the lack of technical knowledge; moreover, a single mistake while converting files can pose a threat to the data.

Perhaps, we will also explain the manual method to convert OST files.

Manual Method to make OST to PST Conversion

There are various manual approaches to make the conversion, like using the Outlook import/export, drag & drop method, and much more. However, we will only focus on the listed approach to make the conversion of the OST into a PST file.

  • Export mailbox to PST using Outlook Import/Export 
  • Using Drag & Drop Method

Method 1: Through Outlook Import/Export 

This requires users to log in to the Outlook account with the correct credentials. Once done with it, follow the below-mentioned process:

  • Go to the File tab of MS Outlook, and then click on the open/Export.
  • Select the Import/Export option to move further.
  • Here choose the Export to a file option.
  • From the list of multiple options, choose the Outlook Data file.
  • In the Export to a File Wizard, users can select the desired folder they want to move. Also, you can utilize the filter option. Click on Next to move to the following procedure.
  • Click on Browse to save the location for the resultant PST file. Users can also choose their desired option to remove email duplicity.
  • Once done with all steps, click on the Next button to start converting the OST file.

Method 2: Using the Drag and Drop Conversion Approach

You can choose this method if you have limited emails/items to move to the PST file format. Otherwise, moving mailbox items from OST into PST will consume a lot of time. Follow the mentioned points to convert OST to PST.

  • After opening Outlook, users need to click on New item>More item> Outlook Data File.
  • Now the users can rename the file name and also be able to create a password for the PST file. After making the PST password protected, proceed with selecting the OK.
  • The new blank PST file will get formed, and the user can now directly drag the item into the PST file.

Limitations of the Manual Conversion Methods

The above two explained procedures will lead to converting your OST file into a PST file, but there are many drawbacks. Some of them would be good technical knowledge, unable to process multiple OST files simultaneously. In addition, a minor mistake while converting files may cause file corruption, etc.

Perhaps a few other alternatives, like third-party software, can completely overcome such limitations. We will discuss one such software, which has advanced sets of functionality to execute the conversion quickly.

Hassle-free approach to convert OST file into PST

We have talked about the native approach to do the OST to PST conversion; however, all of them come with drawbacks. There is one solution that we are going to discuss to convert OST to PST comes with multiple capabilities. Shoviv OST to PST converter is user-friendly software with an intuitive user interface that makes it easier for all users to work efficiently.

This tool allows the bulk conversion of the OST files into Outlook PST. Also, the software does not have limits on adding multiple OST files. In addition, the tool is also capable of converting big OST files. Before processing any of the files, the tool allows ensuring that the added data item is correct or not through its preview option.

Moreover, after starting the conversion process due to issues like unstable internet connection, the process halted, and then its incremental export played a significant role. This option allows resuming the process from the last interrupted point while restricting duplicate data.

Ending Remarks

We have gone through some efficient methods to convert the user OST file to the PST file format. Generally, the user looks to convert OST to PST using the manual solution, but most of them get failure because of a lack of technical expertise. It would be better if the user could look for a better alternative, one of them we have explained to you in this blog. Rest is up to the user to select the conversion approach.

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