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How to Create a Winning Content Strategy for Your WordPress Blog

Content Strategy

Content is the King. We all know that, but how to plan out the content is something that most of us don’t understand. Most online businesses fail to rank on search engines because they don’t work on their content strategy. They use professional WordPress themes but fail to think about the content. No matter how beautiful your website looks, search engines won’t rank it if it doesn’t have relevant content.


If you want your website to rank on search engines, you must have a full content proof plan. Crafting a winning content strategy is not easy, but it is also not impossible. Here are seven steps to help you create a winning content strategy for your WordPress blog:


1. Set Blog Theme: 

Each WordPress blog is different because it is written with a unique intention. Some bloggers may write to get noticed, while some write to earn revenue from affiliate marketing. Before you start writing your blog, you should decide on its theme. Whether its theme is to inform the readers or influence them to buy a product.


2. Define Your Audience: 

The second step in creating a winning content strategy is defining your audience. Who are your audience? What do they like to read about? Where are they located? What is the age group of your audience? Since you are writing for your audience, the content should be relevant to them. For instance, if your blog is for helping students perform better in school, any blog on movies will distract them from their studies. So, if a reader comes to your blog to find valuable tips to score better in school, he should find the required information and not unnecessary details.


3. Audit the Content:

 A regular audit can help determine which content gets the most views. By auditing your content, you can find out the type of content that gets the most views and the type of content with the least. Based on the audit, you can further plan content strategy by including more topics similar to the one with the most views.


4. Brain Strom Content Ideas:

 By know, you have an idea of the type of content getting more views. Now, you should think of ideas or blog titles that match the blog theme and are most likely to be read by your readers. If you want your WordPress blog to have a good traffic inflow, you must find ways to keep the readers coming. A reader will come to your blog if he finds something interesting.


5. Content Distribution and Promotion: 

You need more and more readers to keep your blog live. Chalk out ways to distribute content on social media so more people read it. You can include a share on social media button for readers to share their favorite blog on their social media accounts. You can also use email marketing to share your new blog with readers so they can visit and comment on it.


6. Repurpose Content: 

Repurpose your content into videos, info graphs, podcasts, and more to get more exposure. For instance, you can share info graphs of your blog showing some stats and figures and encouraging viewers to read the blog for more details.


7. Revise Content Strategy: 

You may need to revise your content strategy after a few months or even weeks to understand how viewers react to your posts. A regular content strategy audit can help you understand if you can meet the desired goal. You can make changes accordingly and set new goals as required. At this point, you can also review the overall appeal of the blog and use professional WordPress themes to make the blog look more appealing.



A content strategy should always focus on the blog’s goals and how to reach them. The content should be created in line with the blog theme. You should have a plan to distribute and promote the blog. Any time you notice a drop in traffic, you should revise the content strategy and figure out the problem. For a successful WordPress blog, it is important to regularly review the content strategy and bring about changes accordingly.


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