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How to Download Attachments from Outlook Email Account Complete Guide

If you’re in an industry where you receive hundreds of emails every day, and you likely get many emails with multiple attachments. Now if you are looking for a solution to how to download attachments from Outlook email account. Here, you will learn how to extract email attachments from Outlook account. So, let us start the blog to learn about the methods. 

Now let’s start this blog with the reasons that push users to save attachments from Outlook email accounts.

Reasons to Download Attachments from Outlook Email Account

There are many reasons are present that force users to extract email attachments from Outlook account in this section you are going to learn a few of the reasons below.

  • Attachments often contain important files, such as documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Downloading these files allows you to access and work with the information on your device.
  • Downloading attachments enables you to access important files even when you are offline or without an internet connection.
  • Downloading attachments is important for collaboration. you can make edits, and provide feedback, to others on shared documents. Once you’ve made changes, you can then upload the updated files back to the email thread.
  • Saving attachments ensures that you have a copy of important files for archiving and backup purposes. 
  • Before opening attachments, it’s a good practice to download them and run security scans using antivirus software to ensure they are free from malware. This helps protect your device and network from risks.

Now you have learnt about the reasons we can move on to the solution part, below you are going to learn the easiest manual method to extract email attachments from Outlook account without facing many complications.

How to Download Attachments from Outlook Email Account Manually?

In this part of this blight you are going to learn the manual method to perform that task you need Outlook application. This method can get tricky if you don’t have much knowledge about technical things.

Steps to Extract Email Attachments From Outlook Account

  • First of all, Open Outlook.
  • Select the message with multiple attachments inside.
  • Click down on arrow icon on the attachment file then select Save all attachments in the menu.
  • Save all attachments box would pop on-screen. Select the attachments to download and click the OK button.
  • For selecting the number of attachments you want to download
  • When you done with selecting specific files, you can proceed to download all of them. Click the OK button.
  • Use the browse option for selecting a location/path to save the file. Click the OK button.

By using this manual method you can download multiple attachments from your Outlook email account. But it has limitations and may not be the best way to extract email attachments so we are going to shop you the best method right away.

How to Download Attachments from Outlook Email Account Professionally?

The MSOutlookTools Outlook Attachment Extractor is the best application you can get to extract email attachments from Outlook account without any limitations and complications let’s see its working step guide and user-friendly interface.

Steps to Download Attachments from Outlook Email Account

  • Download and install the tool from its official webpage
  • When you run the tool it will show you 4 options to add files
  • Then choose the preferred option to maintain the hierarchy of the file
  • Click  on the button “Extract” to export attachments 

With this application, you can perform many tasks such as you can easily extract PDF attachments from Outlook and many more tasks. This application has a wide range of features and filters as well.

Advanced Features of the Tool

  • this tool provides the Option to Extract Inline Images and Attachments and Save Them in Folder
  • It creates a new folder for each exported item after extraction 
  • the tool Supports Both ANSI & Unicode Outlook PST files for Extracting 
  • you do not need to depend on Outlook or any other tool to extract the attachment
  • the application provides a CSV Report At The End of the process 

Final Words

In this blog we have provided you with two methods to extract email attachments from Outlook account and solved your quarry of How to Download Attachments from Outlook Email Account you can use any provided method according to your needs.

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