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How To Draw a Girl Effort By Effort

How To Draw a Girl Effort By Effort. Hello! Today we have prepared a practical drawing lesson for you, meaning this lesson will be much more complex than our many other lessons. And the topic of our girl drawing tutorial will be how to draw a girl step by step. So let’s get started!

Step 1

draw a girl 1

The first step is to identify the card’s attitude, proportions, and position. Note first the rules of the proportions of the female body, which differ from the male proportions. Despite the individuality of man and his proportions, which create an exception to the rule, the female figure in drawing books is inferior to the growth of the male figure. There are some other differences as well:

  • Women’s shoulders are narrower than men’s, and hips are more comprehensive;
  • The hands, wrists, and fingers of women are smaller and thinner than those of men;
  • Women’s shins taper downward, merging into a thinner ankle and smaller foot.

First, outline the head and the tuft of hair on the head. Then draw the curved spine, drawing the lines of the arms and legs.

Step 2

We attach the volume of the figure. Wears a tight hat and pulls neck, which goes smoothly to the shoulders and back. Designs his arms with narrow, elongated cylinders. Draw the spheres as guides for the shoulder and elbow joints (remember they must be minimal – we draw a fragile girl, not the Incredible Hulk

Step 3

Just a tiny step where we erase the guidelines. Outline the railing – lean on it, thinking dreamily. Well, he draws the silhouette of a girl, and now it looks like a dummy. From the next step, we will add the details to the girl.

Step 4

Let’s liven up the dummy by adding details. First, draw the girl’s hair by drawing strands of hair. She pulls and loosens the hanging curls. Do not forget the necessary rule – we must pull the hair in the roots and tips. Outline the cheekbones and chin. Draw the ear and go to the next step.

Step 5

We completed the girl’s hairstyle by drawing a few straight hairlines on the back of her head. She then circles the chest, shoulders, and top of the shirt. Do not ignore the folds of the fabric – these details affect the realism of the whole design.

Step 6

Circle the girl’s hands, add details to our right hand, draw a few lines in the elbow area and draw her hand. He draws the knuckles and the visible parts of the fingers. Then pull the bottom of the shirt – the edges should be uneven, you should cover the middle part with folds.

Step 7

Draw the quieter parts of the girl’s body. Mark the intermittent line of the spine on the exposed part of the back. Add some creases and lines to the shorts—circle legs with smooth lines.

Step 8

Now draw the feet of our heroine, dressed in relatively high domestic socks. Draw the wavy shapes of the socks that look like smooth and slightly curved horizontal lines.

Step 9

Draw vertical lines on the toes, which should go from the lower legs to the ankles. Surround the soles, drawing the necessary folds in the fabric. Complete this step and surround the railing.

draw a girl 2

It was a lesson on drawing a girl step by step with a pencil. Write your wishes for the next lesson in the comments under the article, in our social network accounts.

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