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How to draw a plumbing diagram?

Plumbing Diagram

The plumbing of the house should be well planned with the help of a plan drawn up correctly. To prepare the plan, it is important to know where to place the materials and devices. A piping system can be summarized in three parts: water supply system, waste water disposal system and aeration system. For this, there are different types and sizes of pipes suitable for each installation. Therefore, the plumbing diagram is a crucial step and should not be overlooked. How to make a plumbing plan?

What is a plumbing diagram?

Simple definition of the plumbing diagram: it is the plan that defines where and how the pipes pass. Also referred to as a plumbing plan.

When building and preparing a house or rather a dwelling in general, regardless of the type, it is just as beneficial to carry out a plumbing services as well as the construction plan. The logic is simple: during construction, it is mandatory to first put a construction plan made by an architect to allow builders to follow it in order to have the desired result.

In addition, this plan will make it possible not to get tangled up in the middle of the construction site. A plumbing plan will also facilitate the task during construction, because it will show the location of appliances, pipes and sanitary valves. In particular, it will make the construction easier, because during the latter, it is important to take into account certain plumbing parameters and the plan will facilitate this consideration and thus the entire construction.

Types of plumbing Plans:

Generally speaking, it can be said that there are two types of plumbing plans.

The octopus plan:

The octopus plan is the simplest plumbing scheme to install, but despite its simplicity, it is only suitable for one-story houses and not for two-story houses. The simplicity of the octopus plumbing plan is due to the fact that there are not a lot of connections to make. As an octopus has several tentacles all connected to its body, the octopus plan will connect the various devices to a nurse. Thus, the devices will have the role of the tentacles while the nurse will have the role of the body of the octopus.

In addition to this rather very simple connection, there will be no need to connect several pipes together, as they will be connected individually to each pipe. This can have a disadvantage in terms of the length of the pipes.

The transplant plan:

The transplanting plan is in a certain way more difficult to install than the first. The principle of this plan is to put a first so-called main nurse and other secondary ones to which they will be linked. Each nurse will take into account a certain number of pipes and will have a shut-off valve to be able to cut off the circulation of water from the secondary nurse only and not from the entire installation. As a result, this type of installation is perfectly suited to houses on floors so as to put a secondary nurse on each floor.

On the other hand, given the complexity of the installation, it is better to call on a professional plumbing specialist to be able to do the installation safely. Interior Design Ideas you should know

How to make a plumbing plan?

Here are the steps for drawing a plumbing diagram:

First of all, you have to draw all the devices to scale without bringing them closer
Subsequently, it will be necessary to highlight the drain and supply lines
Then, it will be necessary to show the vertical passages of the piping.
Once all this has been indicated, it will be necessary to indicate on the plan the size and type of pipes as well as the location of the valves and their types.

There is also software dedicated to plumbing diagrams, but they require a basic knowledge of plumbing so as not to do anything. The drawing of the plumbing plan cannot be improvised! They are called “sanitary network design software.

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