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How to draw a side profile

How to draw a side profile. The face is probably the aspect of the human form we are most familiar with, as it is what we will look at when interacting with someone. Despite this familiarity, it can still be very difficult to portray a human face in a drawing, as there are many different aspects to get it right. It will be the case regardless of the angle, and it can make learning to draw a side profile quite difficult.

As with any drawing challenge, it can be much easier when you understand what to accomplish, and that’s what this tutorial is for. If you are looking for 3d drawing, drawing for kids, cartoons drawing, animals drawing and many more, then you are at the right place.

Drawing a side profile

Step 1:

To start with this guide on how to draw a side profile, we’ll start with the front and top of the face outline. We will use curved lines for the front of the face to start with. It will include the forehead, nose, lips, and chin. When drawing these skins, try to reproduce them exactly as they appear in the reference image.

For the top of the head, we will use several curved lines to create the hair texture for this head. The back and base of the head will remain open and empty for now, but we’ll fill them in as soon as we move on to the next steps.

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Step 2:

With the beginning of the drawn outline, the next aspect we will work on will be some of the internal details of the face and the back of the head. First, use curved lines for the eyebrow near the top of the face. Then you can draw the eye below using two slightly curved lines with curves in front of them.

Then add some pupil detail to the front of the eye. Then use a few simple curved lines for his lip and mustache details. You can finish this step by drawing the back of his head using another curved line.

Step 3:

For this third step of our direction on drawing a side profile, we’re going to add a bit to the image. First, we will use curved lines with sharp angles for the beard that covers his chin. It will extend to another curved line for the curve of your chin. Next, we’ll draw his ear.

This positioning will be quite important, so do your best to position it exactly as it appears in our reference image. Once all of this is drawn, we’ll draw the collar of his shirt using more curved lines. Finish with a few lines for her şişli escort shoulders.

Step 4:

You are now ready to complete the outlines of his beard and hair as we move on to part four of this side profile drawing. For the inner outline of her hair, we’re going to draw many curved lines that connect to create the feeling of flowing hair. Next, we’ll use more curvy, slightly jagged lines to draw his beard and draw fairly straight lines that extend inside the beard. Draw another straight line on her neck to give her more definition, and then we’ll get to the final details in the next step of the guide.

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Step 5:

How to draw a side profile

Before adding colors to your image, we have a few final details to add in this step of our guide on drawing a side profile. The hairstyle we are depicting in this picture will have the sides of her head shaved, and then some small lines will be drawn near the top and back of her hairstyle. Next, we’ll finish by adding a few more details to his shirt, like pleats and buttons. Once added, it’s up to you to finish as you see fit! You can do this by adding your coordinates or even creating a cool background. How would you complete this drawing?

Step 6:

How to draw a side profile

It is the last step in your side profile drawing, and you may have some colors. In our reference image, we’ve gone with browns for the hair and beard. Next, for his shirt, we used bright oranges to color it. We would choose these colors, but you should feel free to experiment and use other colors you like! It is your drawing, and you should do what you think will make it perfect for your tastes. Do you have any ideas about what colors and art mediums you think would work best for this image?

Make your profile drawing even better!

Make that side profile sketch even cooler with these 5 tips! This side profile drawing shows a man with a modern haircut. It looks great, but you can also wear other hairstyles you like. It would be a great way to personalize your image and make it more to your liking. You can browse images of popular haircuts and styles for inspiration. What kind of hairstyles could you wear for this side profile? Switching up your hairstyle is just one way to accessorize that side profile. You can even count various garments and supplements.

It can be small details, like ear or nose piercings. Or, you could give her a hat, scarf, or maybe a pair of glasses. It is a fantastic chance for you to draw a cool style for this man! Once your side profile drawing looks how you want, you can add more of her body to draw more of her outfit.

Draw a side profile

It would be a challenge, but it would make it even more extraordinary! If you were to, you would benefit from someone with a similar build posing for you. How much more of it would you like to add? Once you’ve designed this man to look exactly like you want, you can use what you’ve learned to draw a new character. There are several ways to give them a unique look.

One would be to choose someone with a different skin tone than yours, or you could draw someone of a different age or gender. Now would be another good time to use someone as a role model! Ultimately, you can finish it off with a location. There are so many places you could define this drawing! You can use a real location or imagination when designing the background. What you choose will give your side profile sketch more of a sense of place and could include all sorts of fun details.

Your side profile drawing is complete!

That gets you to the end of this focus on drawing a flank shape! As we noted at the start of this guide, drawing a human face is not always an easy task. However, by working hard and following the guide, you managed to do an amazing job! Now that you’ve completed this image continue with your details, elements, and ideas.

We’ve talked about a few ways to do it, but what else can you think of to finish your image? Then you can find other awesome drawing guides on our website to enjoy! We often upload new guides, so be sure to check back regularly.


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