How to Enhance the prestige of Custom Cookie Boxes?

Custom Cookie Boxes

Are you a cookie retail business and want your cookies to sell like hotcakes? Besides the freshness, taste, and crispiness of your products, the packaging should be kick-ass to draw visitors into your product. To provide the finest quality packaging, custom cookie boxes are used as a must to promote your sales. 

Undoubtedly, custom cookie boxes are manufactured with the finest material and printing technology to carry cookies safely. But are there any modifications you can do to facilitate cookie boxes further to increase their performance 10 to 50 times? Let us explore this article. They are starting without further ado!

In custom boxes, several elements increase product engagement, which is the following:

1-Packaging Inserts

2-Plastic and Molded Box inserts

3-Foam inserts

4-inserts as dividers


1- Packaging Inserts: 

A prominent attribute of excellent packaging is that it retains the position of the product inside. Cookie Box Packaging inserts serve as a strong base for your cookies to prevent them from sliding outward of the container and maintaining their position.

Exclusively, they are helpful for custom cookie box window cuts, which enable the consumer to see the cookies without even opening the box. 

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 2-Plastic and Molded Pulp Box Inserts:    

Many foods and baking businesses have reaped phenomenal results using pulp and molded inserts. These components are popular due to their cost-friendliness. Molded pulp box inserts are highly effective in developing the shape of the cookies in printed cookie boxes.

Both Molded plastic boxes and molded pulp boxes are robust. Last but not least, molded pulp inserts give a more luxurious feel when varnishes and coatings are complemented.

3-Foam inserts:

Consumers love to use light products and are turned off from sturdy ones. Form box inserts enhance cookies’ protection against scratches and jolts. It’s due to the product being packed into safe custom boxes with inserts that ensures safe transit without requiring additional shipping boxes Foam inserts are highly customizable to meet your product needs. It can choose forms, sizes, and styles from an endless variety. Interestingly, cookies are cushioned from all sides. Even if they are mishandled, custom cookie boxes will retain their shape.

4-Inserts as partitions: 

 If your cookie box consists of a variety of cookies, each separated by a partition, the importance of inserts as enclosures comes into play. Commonly, these are used to divide glass bottles into their sections. However, It can also add them into custom cookie boxes to demarcate different cookies and prevent them from merging.

All the add-ons mentioned above can enhance the class of your printed cookie boxes and make your customers feel more satisfied. As a result, you will see an unleash in sales, making your brand popular.

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Several leading packaging companies are experienced in their craft, such as Global Custom Packaging, Emenac Packaging, and CP boxes. But, given the performance of Global Custom Packaging, it is highly recommended. Then have the expertise and experience to craft custom cookie boxes and enhance their prestige by adding these add-ons to view of the performance boost your sales.

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