How to Evade Additional Costs to Your Exhibition Stand?

Preparing a budget is the preliminary step before participating in any event.  Especially when we are talking about events like trade shows or exhibitions. Budget is something on which your whole preparation depends. Creating a budget provides a sense of security and allows exhibitors to spend their money within a safe and comfortable range. Depending on the size of the company, budgets can be flexible or maybe quite tight and fixed(Exhibition).

Regardless of the type of your budget for your exhibit display. No one likes ‘additional’ or ‘hidden’ fees on a final invoice. The exhibition industry is ever fluctuating with costs. So, what questions you should ask before signing off on a quote to avoid any additional cost later for your exhibition booth?

So we are mentioning here a few tips and key points that can help you to ensure that you don’t have to deal with additional costs at the end of the building of your exhibition stand. Also, make sure that these points have been included in your quotation.

  • Estimates

The first step to ensure you have the most accurate quote is to provide all the required, requested, and relevant information asked by your chosen exhibition stand builder from the beginning. Giving all the requested documents asked by your stand builder not only makes the quoting process easier. But also ensures that both you and your stand builder have accurate costing to go by. After supplying a brief, most of the stand builders will provide you with a list of items they will want from you to help with the quoting process.

  • Labor

The thing that can definitely fluctuate within an exhibition build is the labor. It fluctuates the cost due to many reasons depending including your exhibition stand design. Exhibition Stand builders try their best to estimate the time they will require to manufacture a stand along with installing and dismantling it. Also, if you have hired a good stand builder then they will try their best to ensure the build that your stand building would be a smooth process and there are no hiccups onsite.

In case there is a delay in the process.  Then it can result in additional hours being charged for the build on site. To protect your budget from such additional costs. You have to ask your stand builder to take steps to eradicate the chance of any additional costs occurring.

  • Design Changes

Exhibition stand design companies are subjective and vary according to the different preferences of everyone. Hence, one question that you need to ask your stand builder is the allowed number of design reviews/changes included within their quote. Is there any clause related to the extra charges for any additional charges in the stand? Some exhibitors get happy and satisfied with one design. While others would want to go through multiple rounds of changes until they get every aspect as they want or they might have a different display stand ideas in their mind that they want to give a trial. Hence, it is worth confirming that all of this can be completed within the quoted figure and without any additional cost.

  • Shipping

Another thing that can affect your budget the most is your shipping charges. At times your hired exhibition stand builder is situated in a different city or state from the one where the event is which will definitely enhance the shipping or freight cost. Also, there is no easy way to fix this cost. The only way out is to look for some suitable exhibition stand builder. That could fulfill all of your exhibition stand requirements in the same city you’re exhibiting in. Or else, just be aware of the extra transportation charges if you don’t have a flexible budget.

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