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How to Export AOL Mail to Outlook

Many users asked for an easy way to export AOL mail to Outlook as a backup and access the AOL data in Outlook. In this article, we will discuss with you two effective methods through which users can easily export mail folders to Outlook without facing any problems.

Well, we all know that AOL is a free web-based email service. So if you want to view AOL mail in Outlook, then you have to change the extension of the email. It cannot be viewed or opened in MS Outlook. Because Outlook stores data in PST file format, and to view AOL mail in Outlook, you have to convert the AOL email data in PST. 

But before we discuss the method, you must first understand the necessity of exporting AOL to Outlook.

Why do we need to Export AOL mail to Outlook?

As we see that almost every user wants to export AOL mail to Outlook, it is happening because

  • Outlook provides multiple features and keeps its data safe
  • Outlook comes with a highly secure enterprise email client facility
  • It can also integrate with different inbuilt MS Office applications.

These are the most unique features of Outlook, which attract users to it.

Methods to Export AOL Mail to Outlook

We have two methods through which we can export AOL mail to Outlook.

  • The manual method:- Here we export AOL mail to Outlook with the help of the given features.
  • The alternative method:- Here we export AOL mail to Outlook with the help of a third-party tool.

So we will start with the manual method first.

Export AOL mail to Outlook by Manual method

Now, we are moving on to the steps of exportation of AOL mail to Outlook through the manual method.

STEP 1. Open Outlook

STEP 2. Click on “FILE”, which is at the top-right of the screen.

STEP 3. Then click on “+Add Account”

STEP 4. Tap on “Manual setup or additional server types Click the “Next” button to continue the process

STEP 5. Choose the POP or IMAP option and continue with the “Next” button

STEP 6. Now, fill the required things that are asked for an account

User information
  • Your Name: your full name 
  • Email Address: AOL email ID
  Server Information
    •  Account Type: IMAP
    • Incoming mail server: imap.aol.com
  • Outgoing mail server(SMTP):  smtp.aol.com                                   
Logon Information
  • User Name: Your email id
  • Password: Your email password

           STEP 7. Click on the “Remember password” button 

           STEP 8. Then click on “More Settings” 

STEP 9. Go to Outgoing server and tick mark on the ” My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication

 STEP 10. In the advanced option, go to the incoming server (POP3) and change it to 995 and in the outgoing server (SMTP) 587 then click “OK” and proceed

STEP 11. Then tap on the Finish button to exit.

Your AOL mail successfully exported to Outlook.


Here are some Demerits of the manual method.

As you can see, the manual method is very lengthy and time-consuming. It will take too much time to export AOL mail to Outlook. Users need good technical knowledge and Outlook knowledge if they want to do it by manual method. 

And this method doesn’t work if users want to export attachments along with emails. So, because of these problems, users want an alternative method that can resolve all the limitations of the manual method.

Export AOL mail to Outlook by Alternative Method

In this method, we are going to use the AOL Backup tool. With the help of this tool, users can easily export their folders to Outlook. If users want to export a large number of AOL emails, so they can easily export with help of software. This software easily converts AOL file to Outlook PST file format and save AOL email to a flash drive.

To export AOL mail, you have to just follow these steps-

STEP 1. Download AOL Backup Tool 

STEP 2. Log in with your AOL credential.

STEP 3. Click on Activate button and continue with tool activation.

STEP 4. After that select the File format in which the backup would be created under the Select E-mail Format option 

STEP 5. Then click on the “Browse” button and choose the destination where you want to save the file.

STEP 6. Then click on the “OK” button.

STEP 7. Now, click on “Start”.

STEP 8. The tool will start the process. During the process, the tool will show the backup process and time.

STEP 9. After some time, the process is completed as shown below.


In this article, we have discussed how to export AOL mail to Outlook by both methods, manually and alternatively. We also discussed that why do we need to export AOL mail. But as we have shown that the manual procedure is not easy, it has various consequences. Therefore, we discussed an automated solution that is very simple and easy. We can export AOL mail in Outlook easily with help of an automated method. So now it is your choice that which method you choose according to your preference. But if you want to do your task quickly so go for an automated solution.

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