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How to gain more followers on twitter

Everyone must have heard the name Twitter, and many of you will also have a Twitter account. But do you have more followers? If your answer is no, then this article is for you. In this article, you will learn how to gain more followers on Twitter. 

We all know that Twitter is a huge social network around the world, where millions of people are active. The more followers you have on your Twitter account, the longer your impression will last and the more people your posts will reach. All the celebrities nowadays use Twitter to keep their conversations public, and Twitter can prove to be a very good platform for your business. And let’s know the ways in which you can increase your followers.

 Create attractive profile

 The more your profile attracts, the more followers you have the chance of increasing. Always create your Twitter account with your name and username because people stay away from fake users. 

Always put your own photo in the profile picture in which your face is clearly visible.You can put any header picture according to your interest, but it should be unique. It will make your profile look more attractive. A bio is very important for your Twitter account because it reveals information about you. Here you can enter information about yourself, such as what do you do? Who are you? What do you like?

Pay attention to the quality of the post

If you want to gain more followers on Twitter, People will be attracted to you when you tweet good posts on your Twitter account, but that post should be a unique post, not that you picked up another keypost and posted it on your page. Most of the engagement on Twitter comes from graphics, so always keep in mind that whenever you are posting any text, you must put a good image or video with it. If you can not find an image that suits you, then you can create an image online using any editing software and then post it.

Be sure to use hashtags

Every tweet must include the hashtag; for example, if you’re tweeting the post in the morning, you can use #morningmotivation. Use whatever hashtags are top-rated. Remember that the type of post you’re posting uses the same type of hashtag. By using hashtags, your post will reach most people, and more and And you can gain more followers on Twitter.

 Tweeting Strategically,

First of all, you have to adopt a strategy for tweeting; how and when you have to post. According to Twitter, you should post only 4 tweets a day; otherwise, posting more may cause your followers to get irritated and unfollow you. That’s why you should post at least four tweets a day.

Make the first post in the morning, wishing good morning to your followers. And you can do a post during the day in which you use the graphic. After that, you can tweet one post for your brand, and the last post tweet at night for the top news of the day.

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Follow active people

Follow those people who are active on Twitter. To find an active user, simply search for keywords or hashtags related to your field and then click on new post. All of the users below will be active users, so follow them. He will almost certainly follow you back. By doing this way definitely you can gain more followers on twitter.


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