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How to hire Coders using Think Exam’s Online Coding Test?

The hiring managers work long hours reviewing a large number of resumes, setting up interviews, and running through a lengthy screening procedure. Each day, they review tech resumes and perform evaluations, which is quite tiring. The reason for this entire effort is that the current market has a far greater need for a strong pool of IT applicants(coding).

A candidate’s selection is crucial since it can fundamentally alter the organization’s ability to expand. Their remarkable capacity for adaptation supports the success of businesses. Having the opportunity to work with smart people improves learning and raises spirits too. This fosters a good atmosphere where fresh ideas are frequently presented.

Only a thorough screening process will enable you to identify such talent. To avoid the pitfall of Bad Hiring, using online coding tests while hiring is a sensible choice. Think Exam is an online coding test for hiring that helps you gauge a candidate’s potential in terms of their cognitive, aptitude, and knowledge skills. This will help you determine whether or not a candidate is qualified for the position.

How does Think Exam: An all-in-one coding test platform assist you in hiring the best coders for your business? 

With the help of the outstanding hackathon online test, tech recruiters may develop and assess professional screening tests when hiring coders. Recruiters do not need to spend their days examining resumes because of this simple platform. The hiring process for programmers and coders becomes rather straightforward through Think Exam. Recruiters need to follow some basic steps.

Step I: Log in to any hiring platform and create a job position

You can create a job position once you’ve created an account. You must provide all important information including roles and responsibilities, the level of expertise required, qualifications, etc. 

Step II: Get Applications

You’ll get a lot of applications once your job listing is live. When applying for the position, candidates will have the option of sharing their resumes as well.

Step III: Pre-Employability Test

Think Exam lets you create effective filters to shortlist only relevant candidates. You can start by creating technical multiple-choice questions. Candidates that pass your MCQs and meet your primary coding requirements can move on to the coding assessment stage.

Here, coding simulators give a glimpse of a candidate’s capacity to efficiently write or work on a code. You can ask candidates to write brand-new code, repair bugs, work on test cases, develop algorithms, etc. depending on your needs. You’ll get extensive automated reports too that analyze each candidate’s technical aptitude in great detail.

Step IV: Shortlist Eligible Candidates & schedule their Final Interviews

Once you have a list of coders that are right for the role, you may hold a final interview with them to choose the best applicant from the shortlisted individuals.


When hiring at scale, Think Again is an excellent online assessment platform to help you screen out candidates. By emphasizing the candidate’s talents and experience, it will streamline your hiring process and make it truly objective. It will also significantly shorten the hiring time by automating tedious tasks.

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