How to Optimize Listing Images

The real estate listing images are dependent on visuals; it includes images, videos, and now VR technology has taken over the industry by storm. A house with more attractive images is sold faster than a house with blurry photos.

So when you are putting a signboard of a House for sale in Islamabad and taking pictures for the listing, make sure that images are properly optimized to increase the value of your house. Here in this guide, we have put together a few tips on optimizing listing photos for the fast sale and increased value of the house. So let’s get started:


Do not try to miss-guide your buyers with Photoshop images and videos of your house. Do not edit photos to make your home look bigger or more spacious. It seems profitable, but in reality, you might lose your credibility in the market, and it can become a hurdle in selling your house. Your pictures must deliver the best of your home and give the best presentation of your house. But it does not mean you have to be deceptive or lie about the reality of the property.

Take as many images as you can:

Do not rely on one or two clicks of your house or any room. Take multiple images with different angels. With lots of images for a single room or area of the house, you will have the privilege to choose the best from them and post them on listing sites.

According to studies, on average, take at least 60 images of the entire property. The images should include bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, drawing and living room, hallway, balcony, terrace, garden, garage, car porch, etc. Make sure to take enough images of the exterior and interior of the house and choose the best ones for your online listings.

Angels for Images:

Taking images of your house is not enough; make sure that you have taken care of the angels of pictures for your home. If you want to sell your house fast, get an idea of bringing real estate photos to the best angels.

Pro Tip: 

  • To take the best-optimized images for the listings, ensure to capture them at chest height so the viewer can get a perspective as they are standing at the door of the room and looking at it.
  • It is recommended to use a wide-angle lens for the purpose and capture a complete room with its glory and best perspectives.
  • While taking images for the exterior of your house, position the camera at an angle to add depth to the house’s structure.

Highlight the features of layout:

When taking pictures of your house, make sure that you highlight its layout. Showcase the best of your home by highlighting its design. It will help in envisioning where and how to place furniture in rooms.

Landscape Orientation works best:

To get the best out of your images, choose the landscape orientation. Many real estate portals recommend that sellers upload images in horizontal photos of your house. In landscape mode, you can show the maximum out of the room better. The vertical shots cover less space than landscape mode, and they cannot deliver the utmost in a single picture.

Mid-Day Photos:

Avoid taking pictures when they can be shadowed. It is one of the crucial tips for property photographs. It would help if you were more careful about shadows while taking images of the exterior of the house. 

Try to take pictures when the sun is behind and help illuminate the property face rather than darkening it with shadows on broad days or evenings. Taking images at midday will help you get the best photos of the property and give a plus on the listing.

Keep the space wide and open:

So that’s last on our list; make sure that your room looks spacious when taking images. Remove ugly things from the room, clean them properly and make sure it is well illuminated.

Try to remove bulky furniture from the ground. You should remove bookcases, heavy coaches, and dividers along with electric appliances from the room. A clutter-free room will look more attractive and appealing in images and create an illusion for a bigger space. It will look appealing for the viewers of the image and in real life for the visitors.

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