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How to Put Square Edge Composite Decking Together

Square-edge decking boards are solid composite decking materials with no grooves. These decking planks are often less expensive than grooved trallbrädor i komposit. As a result, many people still choose this form of decking(Installation of Composite Decking).

How to put Square Edge Composite Decking planks together

You may have questioned how to install edge-boards if you’re building a deck using them. Here’s how to put these planks together to make your dream backyard patio.

Select a Fastening Method

On the boards, you must decide whatever sort of fastening mechanism to utilize. You have a few possibilities with grooved decking boards, unlike grooved decking boards. Here are a few examples:

Stick with the classic 

The use of nails and screws is one of the most frequent techniques of mounting solid-edge kompositbrädor. While this is the most common method of laying up the boards, it has a few drawbacks. Due to the movement of the boards, the screws and nails may push back up. If this happens, you’ll have to re-secure them. There will be exposed nail and screw heads, which may or may not be a concern for some.


If you don’t like exposed screw and nail heads, one option is to use plugs. Countersink screws on face-mounted boards are required for this. Plug the holes with the same material as the board you’re using once you’ve drilled the screws. While you may do it all by yourself, kits with entire sets of screws and plugs are available for purchase. The Camo Hidden Fastening System is one example.

Get a Hidden Fastener

composite decking boards

Hidden fasteners made for ungrooved boards are another option for installing solid-edge composite boards. However, compared to ungrooved decking planks, your alternatives will be limited.

Make the Grooves yourself 

You may make the grooves on the boards yourself if you have the time and the proper tools. You may then utilize one of the several concealed clipping methods for grooved decking planks.

Installation of Composite Decking

It’s time to start building the deck now that you’ve decided on the board fastening mechanism. The steps for building a deck are outlined below.

Ready the land  

You must first create and plan your deck. Then you must prepare the space where the deck will be built. Measuring and labeling the area, as well as clearing it of garbage and grass, are all part of the preparation. You’ll also need to mark the board’s height on the house’s foundation wall.

Lay the foundations

After that, you’ll need to drill holes for the deck’s foundation. Most builders additionally lay down landscaping fabric and gravel on the ground. Installing post footers is a part of this preparation.

Create a framework

Create a framework

The beams and joists must be installed once the post footers have been set. You might wish to use strengthened brackets to keep them in place. Maintain correct joist spacing since it influences the overall function of the deck.

Place the decking planks in place.

Install the boards starting on the side closest to the house, using the attaching mechanism of your choosing. Depending on the fasteners you’ll be utilizing, the procedure will vary. Continue until the final board is installed. If required or desirable, install a fascia.

Railings and other deck accessories

Install the deck railings last. Depending on the sort of railings you choose, the procedure may change. Different extras, like pergolas and staircases, can be added to your board.

When should solid edge Decking Boards be used?

While grooved decking planks are popular, solid edge composite decking materials are occasionally preferable. If you’re creating a deck on a higher floor, solid edge planks can be preferable. Solid edge decks do not have the large gaps between the boards as grooved decks have. As a result, liquids will be less prone to spill. It’s also safer for certain families, especially if they have children or pets, due to the smaller spacing.

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