How To Start An Outsourcing Business

I also realized that I learned business that I didn’t realize was the ability to find people to do the what for myself at the time but when it came to you know what to do next.

I wanted to find out more about what I’m gonna do next and I want to go back to 9 to 5 was when all the pieces asked me if I could actually help them get a website and so I basically charge them at a higher rate than what I could get it done a full circle. Also, check- the BPO full form

 I remember the first website I tell us about maybe 1000 and I found someone in the Philippines. The dollar. And so I collected the money from the client even 50 percent off and I paid the contractor also 50 percent of what I.

 And so I didn’t get any money and I don’t have to worry about the skills because well I’m not a web developer but I had a web developer to do it and in terms of time well anytime. I really would need is just you know checking the weapons showing the clients are because the client didn’t really want to deal with the contract they just want to get the website.

 All that happy to liaise with me and slower at every station 5 website I just showed the client and the client has any questions. I pass it to the web development team and follow to update me on what I need to tell the client. So that’s what really outsourcing business is all about I also think. Also, check- ED full form

 Even when you can actually provide any services that you live but you don’t actually need to be the ones doing it. This is good because that means that you don’t have a capacity problem which means you can scale yourself. You can be busy going out there and get clients and you have a team to do it and so that’s how I felt about it and I didn’t just do a website when the client asked for my website.

 I would like to get some content all I would like to get some is your down and all they would say yes and just have contracted this down contractors to do that does work for the client.


 So one of them is strategies that you don’t really need the money because you are collecting the money from the client as a deposit. Or even upfront and you’ll pay the contract at the end when it stops. So this is where my business always had positive cash flow from the beginning. I never had any money in it and in terms of skills I mean like I said you don’t really need the skills of web development.

 I guess there are records that in order to succeed in any business that alarm outsourcing business. it’s really the ability to why make sales or you know I’m able to really friendly posts and understanding the client’s problems and be able to let you know your reasons why they should use me you know.


 I could say I was able to be charming and honestly not that they trusted me to allow me to take on the project. So you know you saw the velop sales marketing skills in that sense. If you’re to succeed in any business you need to hustle.

So I went out there hustling and let the client but that kind of skill. You need any kind of business I just wanted to you know to set a strike that I don’t. You don’t need any skills but I am saying that unless you have you know the foundational skills which are how to hustle had work. cut out of his way to how to you know make the sale how to project manage and communicate with your team and with the client. 

Without that, we can’t make any business succeeds and you need to work on that and to make the specifics on that all the other technical skills although you know you don’t need to go to school to learn how to web development anything else because you can find the people to do it okay. 

So you might ask me well what kind of business can I stop. Well here’s the thing is millions and millions of a provider online on websites such as Upwork Online. 

Outsourcing Model

The land so there’s just so many. Just like eBay but it’s full services. So the reason why I got into web development this year it’s because I learned some marketing stuff from my previous Sir all able to I guess problem-solvers things for them but if you’re.

If you feel the experience in other areas like maybe being an accountant and your knowledge is in finance and accounting. You could actually stop aid a business in finance but using the outsourcing model what I mean by that is that you need to understand what the problem the client have a look maybe if you’re out networking and meeting people in your industry and they have some problem about you know.

 I wish a company could do this and that and that fine and you’re listening and you’re trying to solve the problem was that, okay I can help you with that and so you didn’t find the person.

And I’m not saying that we all need to go out and start a marketing company and not the agency the marketing stuff is very common right now there’s a look at social media marketing, email marketing, graphic design sort of thing but you can stop the business and anything in an example like if you were you know if you were to potty planning going there and stop. 

I think you do all the work you need to stop thinking about the outsourcing model because what I love about it is you’re not limited by the time of capacity so if you’re into politics planning sort of industry you. 

Solve any problem that might need it so I could do okay and you find the best can’t provide and then on top of that you need to talk about I can tell you the best and you have contractors that are best at doing that but what you are really solving the problem. 


Here is just making it easy for the client to come to you all the problems that they need and you reliable and friendly at the end that they just want their solutions to provide at the easiest white and if you can do that without you being called up what I find with a lot of self-employed people is that they go out and start a business and they do it themselves.

So they limit you to how can you grow a business if you’re stuck in doing it so let’s say you’re into the pipeline and then you’ll like let’s say you stop your cake maker you’re busy making a cake but you just have to talk to Korean business you’ll just what yourself a job and hard that.

 Yeah, I’m predictable you don’t know when you gonna get paid so what I’m trying to challenge you to think of is any business that you do live. But think about it and also sings white also single and don’t always think that you’re only going to use these people.

The next level

I’m a contractor level I thought off as a casual basis you know I would use them on the job but eventually, I hide them in the house so that’s when you start to grow to the next level where you actually can hire them to work full time all year because once you develop your business in your book that ongoing referral people coming back to you well then you can actually have them part-time. 

All it all is having finding the right people to do this thing well then you can call up doing it okay so you might wonder like how do I actually stop the business. 

Your name or anything just, first of all, figure out what the problems people have I’m what you eat. It’s a yes it’s a problem and not solving it and whether or not you could even do like a free first time free or discounted the beginning just to get testimonials and reviews and just to build your confidence.

You can do that and once you put the first point I mean my first point with a client but I talked to cheat and from then on I was able to get a testimonial and I was able to sort of proving to myself that my mother works I enjoyed doing this kind of project and once the funding from the first few projects.


 I thank all of the night then I thought about you know putting up a website and sharing with everyone what I actually do you don’t have to do that actually make some money. So it’s all about getting some money in and making soul that you’ll you know it’s a positive cash flow business before you try to inject anything I’ve never had to inject money into my business is since I’ve started outsourcing model absolutely model really allows me to be able to like sort of use resources whenever I need to rather than by improvements and things all other kinds of business you have to like invest in before you can actually make money. 

Also, see a model you are leveraging other people’s time and skills and money up your client so let me know what you think about outsourcing. So if I like you yeah do you have a negative perception about outsourcing what did you actually think about also well I thought it. Let me know in the comments below. 

Online Jobs

Okay so let me get a little beaten to death about if you want to stop something online and I don’t think where you are. Our product but it’s an online service this I. marketing website development things like that so I wanted to see signs of old 5-year-old online jobs that ought to be H.

one of these had dump sites able to post up jobs for people to find and so are you part of a job that I need someone to develop these website pages and you know you give them a budget and people would apply for it then you can to do them and you find the best provider.

 And that that’s how you get the resources in you to know you if you’re looking for local resources you can use sites like Gumtree to find people locally rather than using are the same but they won’t allow you to access people from all around the world.

 I would work for you on fixed price projects at once all alley right all the hot time regular Allah’s time out and that’s how I thought of my business. Agency but what happened after about 3 or 4 years in with and I changed it into a recruitment model areas I’ll tell you how how to actually find these people I’ve decided that I wanted to focus on helping companies hire people rather than doing those projects myself.

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