How To Style Chinese Collar Shirts? 5 Ways

Do traditional parties and events make you realize that you’re bored with the restricted options? Perhaps there is no middle ground between wearing a three-piece suit and basic kurta pajamas. The Chinese Collar Shirts from the Hangup line are the perfect way to easily integrate your daily smart casual charm and ease into the classic scene!

First, let me make you get acquainted with, what a mandarin collar aka Chinese collar shirts actually looks like:

What Is a Chinese Collar Shirt?

On a shirt, it is a freestanding collar, that is a shorter unfold stand-up collar design (a banded collar). It’s a slight variant on our own Bandhgala collar.

People use white collar for years, it has received a fresh push this season. So is the Chinese collar shirt a wonderful option for your normal go-to attire, but it also gives an air of elegance to your style, which works well for people who like something urban and modern age rather than the extremely traditional look.

So, now you know how does a Chinese collar shirt look like, let’s get ahead to learn how to style Chinese collar shirts.

5 Ways To Style A Chinese Collar Shirts For A Dapper Look

1. Pair It With Jeans

For creating an attractive casual look. You can match your mandarin stylish shirts for men with a pair of wonderfully comfortable shorts or jeans and a denim jacket, and don’t forget to finish the look with some attractive sports or rubber shoes.

2. Try Out New Prints

If you’re a true fashionista, you defiantly looking for trying something new. Try out, the Jaipuri printed shirts with Chinese collars shirts that may be a significant addition to your collection thanks to the splash of vibrant summertime colors and designs. Pair this with a top that has all-over hand block prints.

3. Wear It With Suspenders 

No matter what the occasion or event is, Suspenders round off the laid-back appearance. To create an exciting look style it with a pair of very soft shorts are the ideal way to dress down your mandarin collar shirt. 

4. Wear A Blazer Over It

If you can’t decide what to dress for an evening out with coworkers? A light-colored Chinese collar shirt, a black jacket, and matching thin pants should suffice. Finish off the ensemble with a pair of moccasin shoes. You may even flaunt an Indian formal style by wearing a Bandhgala or Nehru jacket. However, always remember a tie or bow with a mandarin collar shirt is a horrible mismatch!

5. Wear A Chiese Collar Kurta Shirt With Jeans

These days, kurta shirts are indeed the latest craze and fashion statement for most guys. Therefore, you can style these Chinese kurta shirts with a wonderful Indian ethnic desi aesthetic that looks beautiful and cool. The mandarin collar kurta style white shirt arrives. It has a normal fit, an edgy look, and long sleeves, making it suitable for informal and informal norms situations. You can pair it with either jeans, trousers and even knee-length shorts.

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