How to Wear an Anarkali Suit for a Variety of Occasions

When it comes to Indian attire, your thoughts immediately turn to the stunning Anarkali suits. It is classified as ethnic wear and is popular among women of all ages. Not to mention the comfort and beauty it brings to your authentic self. Because of their traditional yet modern look, design, and iconic thread work, Anarkali suits are trendy among celebrities, fashionistas, and everyone else. Because of its versatility, every woman must have a chiffon Anarkali suit.

The most important reason why women love Anarkali suits is the comfort and ease they provide. Because Anarkali suits are available in two-piece outfits, there is no compromise in terms of comfort.

They come in a variety of color combinations. The entire outfit is made up of various colors and combinations. As a result, Anarkali is one of the most famous pieces of clothing among women of all ages. Always look for a color that compliments your skin tone.

Anarkalis are made from various fabrics, so you can pick one that suits you. Among them are net, georgette, and raw silk. Anarkalis are even available in cotton for casual wear. Many people do not like to wear certain fabrics due to itching or allergies, so they can opt for Anarkali suits made of different materials.

Let’s go over the best ways to wear an Anarkali suit for different occasions.


The intricate layers in layered Anarkali suits will make you the center of attention at the ceremony or is festive suits for ladies. They come in a variety of designs. But what sets them apart is how heavily embellished and beautiful they are. You don’t need to do much with your accessories because wearing gorgeous and heavy earrings is enough. Jhumki earrings look great with Anarkali dresses. Add a pair of sequined juttis and a blingy clutch to your overall outfit to add more bling to the ceremony.

Floor-length Anarkali ensembles in handwoven, embroidered, or thread-worked styles make the ideal D-day outfit. They are also available in various fabrics such as chiffon, net, and silk. You should buy Anarkali suits online if you need a more extensive selection of suits.


Anarkali Suit is straightforward and can be worn without any additional accessories. Because the outfit is fashionable and classy, it is appropriate for formal occasions such as office dinners and corporate gatherings. Because of the traditional yet modern touch, you can wear an Asymmetrical Anarkali Suit to formal events. You can even wear light jewelry with your Anarkali suit and accept compliments from your coworkers.

Tie your hair in a neat bun and wear beautiful yet simple stilettos to elevate your look. Remember to wear subtle makeup and a statement piece of jewelry to demonstrate your authoritarian personality at work. Finally, a tote bag would be ideal for storing your files and gadgets in one place.

A pleasant day out

For a casual day out, the Anarkali suit option is a cape Anarkali suit. This is the best option if you’re wondering what to wear to a casual hangout with friends or a small gathering. You can wear this outfit with grace.

You can experiment with your bottom wear for casual occasions. It would be best if you tried wearing some new bottom wear instead of churidar because there is always room for improvisation. You can experiment with palazzos, pant-style bottom wear, loose-fitting straight-cut bottom wear, or even denim pants. While looking for Anarkali Kurti online, consider getting matching bottom wear.

Formal occasions

How you wear your dupatta dramatically impacts your overall look, especially if you’re going to a formal event. It is recommended to style and place your dupatta for formal occasions, such as pinning it horizontally towards one side over the shoulder.

Another very important aspect to consider is your hairstyle. As you begin to explore more ways to enhance your look, you will come across some great hairstyles to go with your Anarkali. A simple braid or bun would look great for an official occasion. Similarly, you can wear your hair open or in a light hairstyle for a formal event.

Wearing heels with an Anarkali is always in style, regardless of your height. Not to mention that wearing heels with Anarkali suits, especially the longer ones, is a must. This will make you look even more stunning & beautiful.


The most noticeable feature of Anarkali suits is their exquisite work. Anarkali suits were once considered ethnic or traditional wear, but modernized Anarkali suits like chiffon Anarkali suit, cotton Anarkali suits, etc. are appropriate for a variety of occasions. Each Anarkali has a different cut and pattern, making each one unique.

Anarkali Suits are very comfortable to wear and can be made more so by adding lace borders, elaborated bodices, accentuated necklines, and substantial hemlines. To enhance your appearance, you must understand how to style it and complete the overall look. Most importantly, because of their versatility and pleasing appearance and feel, they are festive suits for ladies for almost any occasion.

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