How Why Should I Use Laravel Framework Has Changed the World for the Better

Writing a web application looked very different than it does now in the early days of the dynamic web. Then, developers were in charge of building the code for all of the elements that are so typical across sites, such user authentication, input validation, database access, templating, and more, in addition to the special business logic of our applications.

Today, programmers have easy access to hundreds of components and libraries, as well as dozens of application development frameworks. Programmers often say that by the time you understand one framework, three newer (and ostensibly better) frameworks have appeared and are vying to take its place.

Although climbing a mountain “simply because it’s there” may be justifiable, there are greater reasons to use a certain framework or to utilize one at all. Why frameworks? is a question that merits consideration. Why Laravel, specifically?

Why Employ a Framework

It is simple to understand why it is advantageous for PHP developers to use the separate components, or packages, that are offered. With packages, someone else is in charge of creating and maintaining a single, well-defined, isolated piece of code, and in principle, that person has a deeper understanding of that particular component than you do.

A number of third-party components are prepackaged by frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Silex, Lumen, and Slim using special framework “glue” such as configuration files, service providers, predetermined directory structures, and application bootstraps. Therefore, employing a framework often has the advantage that decisions have already been made about both the individual components and how they should fit together. WebDevelopmentIndia is the best Laravel Development company.

“I’ll merely construct it myself”

Consider creating a new web application without the aid of a framework. How do you start? Given that it should probably route HTTP requests, you must now compare all of the available HTTP request and response libraries and choose one.

next a router Oh, and you’ll probably need to create a routes configuration file of some kind. What syntax ought it to employ? Where does it belong? Do controllers count? What city do they reside in, and how loaded are they?

To resolve the dependencies between the controllers and their dependencies, you generally require a dependency injection container.

What impact would it have on the following developer if you did take the time to thoughtfully consider all of those issues and successfully construct your application?

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A Quick History of PHP Frameworks and the Web

Understanding Laravel’s history and what came before it is crucial to being able to respond to the question “Why Laravel?” There were other frameworks and other movements in PHP and other web development sectors before Laravel became increasingly well-known.

Rails by Ruby

Since the initial release of Ruby on Rails by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2004, it has been challenging to find a web application framework that hasn’t been impacted in some manner by Rails.

The Positives and Negatives of CodeIgniter

The two early PHP frameworks that were most forthright about how much Rails was their source of inspiration were CakePHP and CodeIgniter. By 2010, CodeIgniter, one of the independent PHP frameworks, was likely the most well-known.

CodeIgniter had excellent documentation, a large user base, and was straightforward and simple to use. But as PHP’s tooling and the framework industry evolved, CodeIgniter started to lag behind in terms of both technological advancements and out-of-the-box capabilities. This was due to how slowly it advanced its use of new technologies and patterns.

1, 2, and 3 Laravel

Laravel 1’s first beta, which was created entirely from scratch, was made available in June 2011. Eloquent, a custom ORM, closure-based routing, a module system for extension, and helpers for forms, validation, authentication, and other features were all included. Closure-based routing was inspired by Ruby Sinatra.

Later, Laravel 4 and Laravel 5 arrived and revolutionized the industry.

What Makes Laravel Unique?
What makes Laravel unique, then? Why is it beneficial to use many PHP frameworks simultaneously? In any case, they all employ Symfony components. Let’s talk about what makes Laravel “click” for a moment.

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How Laravel Promotes Developer Joy

It’s one thing to merely declare your desire to please developers. Acting on it is another, and it needs you to consider what aspects of a framework are most likely to irritate developers and what aspects are most likely to delight them. Laravel makes several attempts to simplify the lives of developers.

Laravel is a quick application development framework, first and foremost. This means that it emphasizes a short (simple) learning curve and a short development cycle from idea to published app. The components offered by Laravel simplify all of the most typical activities in developing web applications, including database interactions, authentication, queues, email, and caching.


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