Important Things to Do After Completing Your Moving Process

Most people think that once they move to their new home, their work is over. These people are not aware of the things that they need to do right after their move.

This leads them to unwanted stress. It happens with the new movers who don’t have a proper understanding of managing things.

There are many tasks to complete once your packers and movers deliver your products to your destination.

You can’t postpone these tasks as they are very important for you. So, you need to know about these things beforehand. If you miss any of these things, you will run into problems.

Here are the most important tasks you have to complete after shifting to your new location:-

Clean Your New Home First

The first important thing you need to do is to clean your new house. This would be very helpful for you in managing all the things. So, make sure to clean your new house before unpacking your goods.

Consider cleaning every corner of your home before you unpack your products. This will provide a beautiful as well as clean look to your house.

Start Your Unpacking Task

Once you clean your house, it’s time to unpack your belongings. Unpacking is a big task just like the packing task. You will suffer a lot if you don’t manage the unpacking task.

So, make a proper plan and start the work. You won’t face any challenges if you have proper planning in place.

Setting Up New Utilities

You should be very careful in transferring your important utilities to your new home. Setting these utilities up will take more time. So, you need to start early for this work.

You need to request your existing suppliers to shift the utilities to the new place. This is not an easy task. The reason is that they have to disconnect these utilities first. After that, they reconnect to the new place.

So, make a utility list before setting them up. If you have a list with you, it will be easy for you to manage their reconnection work. Also, it will be easy for you to track your work with the help of this list.

Collecting Moving Receipts

You must collect the moving receipts after moving into your new home. It is very important to work to finish after your move.

If you have all these receipts with you, you can get relief while paying your income tax. So, you need to be careful in gathering all these receipts.

Also, make sure to write additional information related to each receipt. This will help you in understanding them in detail.

Filing Your Insurance Claim

If your goods are damaged during the move, you must file a claim for them. You need to accomplish this work right after shifting to your new house.

However, you must have proof of the damages. Filing the claim is simple if you have before and after move photos of your goods.

These photos work as evidence for these claims. So, file your claim once you have proper evidence of the damages.

Many movers want you to claim your damages within 30 days. So, it is important to start this work as quickly as possible. However, the moving company has the right to deny your claims or provide a settlement.

Write Down Emergency Numbers

Many people make a list of emergency numbers after reaching their new destination. This would be immensely helpful for you in any unexpected situation.

Remember you are a stranger at a new place. So, you must possess a ready list of emergency numbers with you.

Make sure to write down the numbers of important departments like police, fire, etc. You can easily cope with any problem by calling the concerned officials.

Sort Your Items One More Time

Even if you have sorted your items before the move, you need to sort them again. This would help you check the unimportant items the final time.

If you have moved a few unimportant items by mistake, then consider donating or selling them.

This way, you will be able to manage your goods after your move. Make sure to move the important items to your new house.

Use Inventory While Unpacking Your Stuff

Carrying an inventory list will be much useful for you throughout your whole relocation process.

This will help you in both the packing and unpacking processes. It will also let you check if your goods are damaged or not after the move.

Also, it will be good if you use this list during your unpacking task. You can tally the goods from this list to ensure all products are delivered to your new location.

Shop For Grocery Items

It is important to purchase grocery items once you reach your new location. You will need many grocery items while reaching there.

Many people throw numerous old grocery goods before the move. So, you need to purchase these items again once you reach your new abode.

A few grocery items you need in your new house are:-

  • Bread
  • Cereal
  • Oats
  • Rice
  • Lentils
  • Honey
  • Sugar
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Cooking Oil
  • Snacks

Updating Your Home Address

You need to update your new address at many places after moving to your new home. The places where you need to change the address are:-

  • bank
  • electric, gas, and water companies
  • Internet and cable provider
  • Newspaper vendor
  • Doctors
  • Friends
  • Employer

Searching For New Physician

You need to search for a new physician after shifting to your new house. It is more important if you are suffering from a medical condition.

You can contact your new doctor and discuss your condition with him. Also, tell him the medicines you are taking. Finding a doctor is a big relief.

Also, make sure to show him all your old medical records. You can also let him talk to your old physician to understand your condition perfectly.


There are a variety of things you must do after your shifting process. These things are very important for you. So, keep this in mind when your packers and movers Mumbai to Kolkata finish their moving services.

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