Instant solutions for the QuickBooks Online Error Code 101

QuickBooks comprises numerous features, and those features require additional crucial supporting details. Being an accounting software, QuickBooks is affiliated with bank accounts and all the other financial data. When the QuickBooks cannot connect with the bank server, the QuickBooks online error code 101 is witnessed. The issue can be provoked from both ends, viz. The bank’s or from your end. Whatever the case might be, we need to eradicate this error by employing the solutions that are listed in this blog below.

Bank data is crucial to work with, and even a single misstep can lead to further technical casualties. To avoid that, you can dial the QuickBooks help number 1.855.738.2784 And get all your errors resolved straight from the experts.

Causes for the QuickBooks Online Error Code 101

There can be many reasons for one single error, but we must focus on the significant ones. We have enlisted some of the most likely justifications behind this error which will help you in getting a better understanding of this error. Refer to the points below for learning about the causes behind this error.

  1. Configuration of the application such as a firewall or other Internet security applications obstructs the QuickBooks from accessing the bank server.
  2. The bank server is officially not serviceable or is undergoing an outage.
  3. The Internet Explorer is not the default browser, or if it has an incorrect configuration, then this error can be seen.
  4. Some essential files and folders may be corrupted or may be inaccessible.
  5. The ActiveX, .NET Framework, Java, or other similar programs are not updated.

These are some chief reasons responsible for this error. To troubleshoot these issues, you can follow the solutions Listed further.

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Solutions to quickly eliminate QuickBooks Online Error Code 101

Another primary reason for this error is an unstable Internet connection, so we will start by troubleshooting that issue and then gradually fix the other components.

Solution 1: check the stability of the Internet connection

  1. Launch Internet Explorer in your system and search for any secure website.
  2. If you can access the website, you have a stable Internet connection, but another issue is responsible for this error; to troubleshoot that, you can follow the next solution.
  3. If you can easily access the website, the problem is with the internet connection.

Solution 2: Fix the Internet Connection Settings

  1. As mentioned earlier, this error can occur because of incorrect Internet settings. To fix those settings, we need to follow specific steps, which are listed below.
  2. Launch the QuickBooks application and then head towards the help menu from where you need to select use my computer’s Internet Connection settings.
  3. Click on the ’next’ option and click on ‘finish’ to lock the changes.
  4. Finally, try accessing the bank server.

Even after executing the troubleshooting mentioned, the QuickBooks Online error code 101 continues, then you can contact the QuickBooks technical support at 1.855.738.2784.

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