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Internet Of Things (IoT)- An Overview

The Internet of things refers to the everyday objects around us that are now connected to the Internet. Almost every object can connect to the Internet to collect and share data. This was not possible previously because computer chips were expensive, but now, thanks to the technology changing things for us and now an object as small as a pill has the ability to connect with the IoT space with the help of cheap computer chips.

You can change the environment with the help of the Internet of things. This is something revolutionary as it changes the world around us. This, in turn, is merging the physical and digital worlds and making things smarter around us. Now technologists can change anything according to the needs of humans with the help of it. This provides ease in everyday tasks, such as a street light connected to your smartphone or a night bulb that can be turned off with the help of your smart device.

History Of the Internet Of Things (IoT)

The idea of connecting everyday things with sensors was discussed throughout the ’80s and ’90s. The chips used to be large and bulky, unlike today. One of the early projects is the vending machine. People were quite fascinated with this invention; it immensely helped the passerby. Kevin Ashton coined the Internet of things or IoT in 1999. According to Scientists, it will be easier to connect almost everything to the Internet in the future.

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Following are some of the most common advantages of the Internet of things that make it revolutionary.

Reduced Human Labor

One major advantage of IoT is the fact that it reduces human labor to its maximum. This saves time and money also. Now simplest task can be done with the help of tech without putting effort. Many website development services and software developers use IoT for their solutions to reduce the need of human labor.This reduces the cost of business operations as you don’t have to hire many people as the simplest task can be performed with the help of IoT, and employees can focus on the other significant tasks needed.

Efficient Operation Management

Operations can proceed more efficiently because when an object is connected to a device, it can easily be tracked, and this, in turn, reduces delays and operations run smoothly.

Saves Resources And Assets

IoT saves resources to their maximum. One most significant examples is using motor detectors for water and electricity, which helps save money on electricity and water bills. This help in saving resources and power management.

Time Management

This saves a lot of time and energy, infact, as you can give time to other important tasks by managing others with your device.

Cost Effective

Using things that incorporate the internet of things helps in saving a lot of money. The best example can be the use of CCTV cameras that help you in keeping a security check. You don’t need to hire a security guard and pay him and can easily keep an eye on your surroundings with the help of CCTV cameras.

Improved Customer Service

As the internet of things helps in keeping track of your customer activity and you can keep in touch with the help of data provided by the customer. Game app development company incorporate IoT solutions in order to provide customer satisfaction to its maximum.  This in turn improves customer satisfaction as you are monitoring the customer and providing services accordingly.


Following are some of the drawbacks of the internet of things IoT.

Security Flaws

One of the biggest drawbacks is the security concerns that hinder the internet of things as a whole. There is always a risk of important data leaks as confidential information is shared by the user. Anyone can easily hack the system if the security is not strong enough. This can lead to drastic consequences so it’s better to always take precautionary measures. Always consider professionals for installing important software or hardware to avoid such drastic consequences.

Power supply dependency

While IoT suggests the independent operation of numerous devices, such a network remains highly reliant on external factors that must be considered in order to implement it effectively in business. First and primary, smart devices are dependent on a steady and adequate supply of electricity, so a well-planned additional infrastructure must be provided. It should include UPS devices, surge protectors, and other equipment with relevant ingress protection (IP) ratings.

Network Dependence

IoT requires constant access to the internet. This sometimes becomes an issue so make sure to have wireless internet connectivity all the time to avoid any sort of hindrance.

High Skill Requirement

For the purpose of maintenance make sure to have highly skilled professionals who are well aware of the equipment and how to operate them. So IoT requires well-trained staff to operate them, which sometimes becomes a hindrance as it is not easy to recruit well-trained staff.

Examples of the Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Motion detectors
  • AR Glasses



The Internet of Things is undoubtedly revolutionary as it changes things and help humans and industries in many ways. It is predicted to become more evident in the future. Even currently internet of things is doing wonders. It is not just improving our lifestyles but saving resources also.

Yet, it is necessary to understand that the addition of IoT in an enterprise entails a lot of efforts and skills in order to attain those reimbursements without suffering from its disadvantages. That’s why the most rational course of action is to use the services of accountable and experienced specialists in order to get an actual IoT solution.

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