Introduce Fast SMS sharing Live chat platforms like Twilio SMS

Live chat platforms such as SuiteCRM Twilio SMS provide real-time conversation with recipients to deal and share a seamless experience.

Sales organizations get a boatload of queries from their existing customers. The company doesn’t want to lose them and wants every query to get a reply on time. Even most ventures are keen to deal with multiple customers at once to save time and productivity.

If they achieve all these then the benefits would be a long-lasting relationship with them, increased sales, and so on.

So, you must endeavor for products like Twilio SMS for helping you do real-time conversations.


All about SuiteCRM Twilio SMS API for sales business

Adapt this extension to do a live chat with your customers from CRM (Customer relationship management) software. Start your personalized conversation from here which provides the following advantages:

  • Text to multiple customers at once
  • Functionality of Opt-out
  • Track SMS activities every day
  • Share SMS templates in a single click


What Experts are saying about Live SMS conversations?

  • Live chat platforms can improve your conversion rate by 3.84%
  • More than 85% of companies have adopted platforms for a live conversation
  • It is a number 1 choice for shoppers to deal
  • Approx 73% of customers find the live conversation is best to get optimal results


All SMS activities a sales department can track

You daily deal with a bunch of customers. It’s better to track your work every day. For this, you can use this extension called Twilio SMS API. It unpacks the insights like total SMS sent, received, missed and replied SMS, and much more.

Well, tracking all these can empower your sales department to make the right decisions from the next day.

Ultimately, this addon aids to track total unsubscribe customers on a single day. Getting this helps your team to get in touch with them and ask the reason behind unsubscribing.


Do live chat platforms like Twilio SMS provide emoji-sharing?

It’s so creative to share a message with the recipients by including an emoji too.

Everyone knows plenty of emojis as we are using message-sharing applications regularly. So, when you adopt platforms like SMS Twilio, you can use this feature. Add any emoji to make your conversation fascinating.

Also, the product is allowing the sales department to start the conversation from Listview, detail view, and sub panel.


When not Log-in to your CRM?

You will always receive a Notification for this.

You have several tasks to do so you can’t keep yourself active on CRM software. But not being active means you can miss SMS of important leads.

This is how notification functionality is best. You will always receive it when any of your recipients message you for any purpose. By clicking on the notification you will get into all your missed SMS. So, reply to all and give your best solutions.


Where can you export your chat history?

A feature of exporting any recipient chat is available in this product. You can export from the Listview and for any particular phone number.

Remember this: This Live chat SMS feature is available for all custom SuiteCRM modules too.



I am Aashna Khanna from Outright Store, it's an online hub of SuiteCRM & SugarCRM Plugins. You can customize your business with the help of these useful tools and their functionalities. If you want detailed information please visit the store.

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