Is using a waterless car wash safe? A Detailed Guide

Products for water less vehicle washes are among the most divisive issues in the detailing world. Some South West auto enthusiasts (and certainly the product producers) will try to convince you that they are completely safe to use. Others say they won’t touch them with a 10-foot rod since they would immediately damage your paint.

If utilized properly, a water less car wash may be used without harming the paint. Safe usage involves using little pressure and scrubbing while exercising cautious judgment on the degree of dirtiness of the automobile. These items shouldn’t be used on lightly soiled autos; they should be used for touch-ups and dust removal.

.Is paint harmed by water less washing?

Is paint harmed by water less washing

If you are careless, a water less car wash will undoubtedly harm your paint. Contrary to what some may want you to think, this is never meant to substitute for a conventional (or even rinse less) wash on a pretty dirty automobile.

You shouldn’t expect to be able to use a water less wash to clean your automobile without causing harm if you drive it in a storm or take it off-road. Although these products use some ingenious formulae, they don’t function like magic.

Keep in mind that dirt and grime are abrasive, and the more abrasive particles you have on a surface, the more probable it is that it will be scratched.

The pre-rinse in a typical wash is possibly the most crucial step for preventing scratches. Because of this, I’ve incorporated it into my rinse less washing process as well. It makes a significant difference in terms of safety to be able to spray off a lot of dirt and filth without directly touching the paint.

.When is a water less vehicle wash appropriate?


When is a water less veicle wash appropriate?

This is the main determinant of whether a waterless wash solution will scratch your paint or not.

Everything will change depending on “when” you decide to utilize it. extra filthy, muddy vehicle?

Avoid using it. Getting soaked and coated in a layer of heavy road grime? Avoid using it. You just took your hot rod out of the garage where it was left uncovered for five years. Avoid using it.

.When your automobile gets dusty after being washed recently?

Imagine you gave your car a good wash after work on Friday, and you want to drive it to Cars and Coffee on Sunday. There is probably a thin coating of dust covering it. Don’t wipe out your entire automobile in this case, despite what those who sell detail sprays and rapid retailers will tell you!

Utilize a water less wash to benefit from its increased lubrication and cleaning ability. It’s similar to a detail spray on steroids, however, the steroids prevent your paint from becoming scratched rather than making you irritable and giving you back acne.

. Remove bugs

You must carefully follow my instructions on how to utilize this to get rid of bugs. Bugs that have dried to the surface should not be removed with a water less wash.

I go into more depth on bug removal here, but one of the major aspects is that the sooner you can get rid of problems, the simpler it is and the less likely it is to scratch the surface.  To do this, use a power washer and a wash mitt as soon as you come home.

At Canadian Gear head, we place a strong emphasis on realism. How likely is it that you’ll want to get your hose and all of your car wash equipment out the moment you get at home? The kids are yelling, you’re exhausted, and everyone is hungry if you’re an ordinary person who just got off a long interstate journey. In many instances, it’s just not logical.

Using a water less wash to get rid of pests requires extra caution. When trying to prevent scratches, bear in mind that scrubbing is the enemy, therefore use little pressure and moisten the surface.

. Bird-dropping cleanup

Bird-dropping removal can be viewed as the lesser of two evils in more dire circumstances, much like insect eradication.

Always use a hose and a conventional wash to eliminate bird waste. However, if you need it and your car is going to be left in the scorching heat for a time with no opportunity of cleaning it, your water less wash bottle will come in handy.

Once more, this can chip your paint. However, in this circumstance, you must control the impending harm.

Bird droppings are extremely acidic, and they will unquestionably permanently erode into your clear coat if they are left on the paint in the blazing sun. There are many occasions when the damage just cannot be repaired, but occasionally you may get lucky and remove the damage with vigorous compounding or wet sanding.

.Light touch-ups, smudges, and fingerprints

Vehicles are utilized. Even after a brand-new wash, there will undoubtedly be some stains or spills.

Your child left a large hand print on your door when you were planning to go out on a cruise. Take out your water less washer. It’s significantly safer than a detail spray and the best solution.

. How should I apply a water less wash product?

Using a detail spray as the manufacturers recommend is the simplest approach to demonstrate the procedure.

Just safer. That is, at least, how I perceive it.

I chose to give my Harley a quick 5-minute wash down to start the weekend to test out Lithium Glow Manx for this post. I just used the water less wash and a towel from the Rag Company Creature.

A higher layer of dust was present on this bike, which had a ceramic coating made of Technique Crystal Serum Light.

It couldn’t have been simpler: I just sprayed it on the surface, gave the towel one shot, and gently cleaned it. The towel was then turned over to its dry side, and I buff it until it is streak-free. The finished product looks fantastic, and as you can see, the smooth black paint has no new scratches that are noticeable.

.Water less car wash advantages

Utilizing a water less vehicle wash product has unquestionably got its benefits.

1. They are fast and straightforward.

2. They enable you to preserve water if that’s something that matters to you (or is regulated).

3. They may be used anyplace without the usage of utilities (like at a car show).


.The drawbacks of water-less car washes

Simply said, these drawbacks are part of the beast’s essence.

Without a doubt, they merit consideration.

1. The possibility of scratches is always present, no matter how careful you are.

2. Product use/cost – Do you recall all the spraying I instructed you to perform earlier? Things pile up!

3. Can only be used safely in particular circumstances.

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