Janome 5812 Honest Review

The Janome 5812 is a “no bells and bells” electronic sewing machine. It comes with 12 stitches and is easy to use, simple and durable. It’s simple to use and suitable for people who prefer to be pure.

However, people who need more features – such as the automatic threader or a needle that can move up/down – could be disappointed. Ratings from the public are generally positive, and users praise the machine’s ability to stitch through extremely thick fabrics and its silent operation. It’s also affordable for a Janome.

Consumer Ratings

The total number of customer reviews was recorded at three retail outlets. They are listed in the following table. When they are summed up, these results in an overall rating of 87.2 from 100.

This is an excellent score but not outstanding. To give you a better perspective, you might want to compare this score to the results of the other machines on the sewing machine rating table.

The Consumer’s Perspective

An in-depth review of owner comments will provide the following information.


  • Simple and simple to use
  • A bit light but not heavy.
  • Quiet
  • Sturdy
  • Sews through tough fabrics
  • Top drop-in Bobbin
  • Excellent instruction manual
  • It- Not expensive for a Janome


  • A few features
  • Material isn’t always able to feed well.
  • A dim light source for sewing

Quick Overview of Janome 5812

Quick Overview of Janome 5812

Many users believe they think the 5812 has an easy machine that is simple to operate. Others also feel it’s an ideal machine for beginner sewing enthusiasts.

Due to the “bare bones” design of the machine, many people suggest potential buyers be aware of their sewing requirements and expectations prior to buying. The 5812 comes with a few features that aren’t as impressive.

There are many reviews about the way “solid” this unit is despite being quite light. Of course, being lightweight when talking about the Janome, Janome might not be lighter than other brands. It’s worth checking out our selection of singer prelude sewing machine. This Janome isn’t on the cut-off list – at 12 pounds.

Consumers have stated that they are pleased with the top drop of Bobbin and are satisfied with the 5812’s capacity to create attractive buttonholes (despite the fact that they are four-step). It is also fairly quiet and is well-known for its capacity to stitch the toughest, thick materials and still be capable of handling the delicate fabric.

Some concerns concern a couple of aspects. The 5812 is not equipped with many features, and the absence of an automated needle threader and no needle up/down feature has some owners upset – but they aren’t major issues and appear to be major issues for the majority of users.

Some have also pointed out it is that there is a sewing light that is dim (needs for supplementation with external lighting) and that the five-point box feed system doesn’t provide the same feed. In relation to the feed system for the box, there are some comments regarding this issue. However, many owners do not mention the issue. Do you want to start a new fashion brand?

The Key Specifications of Janome 5812

  • Twelve stitches, 39 stitches. The stitch features (6 basic stitches and six stretch stitches)
  • Top loading, drop-in Bobbin
  • Auto declutch bobbin winder
  • Free arm (for hems, cuffs, and sleeves)
  • Controlling thread tension manually
  • Reverse sewing lever
  • One buttonhole that is 4-steps
  • Maximum stitch width = 5mm
  • Maximum stitch length = 4mm
  • Thread cutter manual
  • Extra high-pressure foot lifter (good to allow the use of thick fabrics or multiple layers)
  • Snap-on/off presser feet

Features of Janome 5812

Features of Janome 5812

  • There is no locking stitch button
  • No knee lifts
  • No drop feed
  • There is no adjustment for foot pressure
  • There is no automatic needle threader
  • No needles up or down (must utilize a flywheel)

With that said, it’s a machine that does what is well. The stitch quality is high. It is well-known for alterations, quilting, home decoration as well as scrapbooking and much more. The selection of stitches is made via dials that are visible on the machine’s front (dials are shown below).

Additionally, you will find stitches on the front of the panel (see below for an example).

You will get some accessories but not a large amount. Three feet are included, including a zipper foot as well as a sliding buttonhole foot as well as blind stitch feet. Additionally, there are bobbins needles, small and large holders for spools, a seam ripper, and a screwdriver.

It weighs 14.5 pounds. This is not too heavy, but we have also reviewed lighter Janome machines like those like the Janome Home Home 720 and Janome New Home 720, Janome Jem Gold 660 and the Janome 3128 (as well as several others). However, at 14.5 pounds, the 5812 is still a little mobile.

The warranty covers:

  • 25 years on workmanship and/or materials that are defective
  • 5-year warranty on electronic components
  • 1-year on labor

Conclusion of Janome 5812

As with other Janome sewing machine models, the 5812 comes with an excellent manual. It’s well-written, contains numerous illustrations, and covers a variety of issues, such as Names of Parts, Getting ready to Sew Straight Stitch Sewing and Zigzag Stitch Sewing, Utility Stitches, Decorative Stitches, Stretch Stitches and the Care of Your Machine (which includes maintenance and troubleshooting). The manual is available at Janome 5812 Sewing Machine Manual.

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