Keep cut flowers fresh at home

Flowers are quite mood uplifting. They come in bright colours and bring in some nice fragrance to the space. So, if one wants to make their near and dear ones happy, they can just send a bunch of fresh flowers to them with a handwritten note.

For sending flowers to Pakistan, one can always order from the online floral sites. There are quite a few online sites available these days and one can select both seasonal flowers and flowers which are available throughout the year.

Keeping the flowers fresh

But what should one do after receiving those flowers? Well, one needs to take a few precautionary methods in order to keep those cut fl犀利士
owers fresh for a few more days. Here are the things that one can use to keep them vibrant and happy:


Soda is very common in households. One just needs to save a few drops of soda from the bottle they are having. Those soda drops then should be mixed with a quarter cup of clean water and then should be mixed with the vase water. There one can put the freshly cut flowers. Soda has sugar in it and so it can make the flowers last longer. If one is using a glass vase then it is a good idea to add clear soda or a few drops of Sprite into it.

Hair Spray

In order to keep cut flowers look fresh and to make them survive a few days longer, one can sprinkle some hair spray on it. One needs to stand a few metres away from the bouquet and then sprinkle a few drops from that distance, on the petals and leaves. This needs to be done on a daily basis.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another way to keep the freshly cut blooms last longer is by using ACV. Here, one can mix at least 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar and 2 table spoons of plain vinegar and then mix it well with the vase water before one dips the flowers into it. When one does this, they need to change the water every 2 days so that the flowers can survive longer.


Another great agent to keep the cut flowers fresh and vibrant is vodka. One needs to minimise the growth of bacteria in the vase water and make sure that the flowers should get proper nourishment. So, one can add a few drops of vodka in the vase water and a tea spoon of sugar. Vodka contains some anti bacterial elements which can keep the flowers germ free.


It is a very old method to keep the flowers fresh. It has been tried and tested for long and so it is authentic. One here needs to take 2 tablets of aspirin and then crush it into powder to mix it in the vase water.

Adding a pinch of bleach in the vase water can also keep the flowers fresh for long.

For flower delivery to Pakistan, one can always order online.

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