Key broken in the lock? You can do this now!

Does this sound familiar? You’ve just had a lovely evening with friends and come home tired. Once you arrive at the front door, put the key in the lock, and boom, the key breaks off in the lock. That’s not exactly the best ending to such an evening.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, you want to get that broken key out of the lock. But what should you do? You can’t go in because the door won’t open anymore, so it’s best to enter a window? Or is it better to get the broken key out of the lock by drilling into it?

In addition, a difficult situation like this can also raise other questions. What about costs or insurance if your key is broken in the lock? And what if your bicycle key has broken off in the lock?

You will find the answers to all those questions in this blog.

Key broken in the lock: what to do?

If your key has broken off in the lock, you have several options to get back in. Some of these options will be discussed below, along with my recommendations.

Call a locksmith

Let’s start right off with the option I recommend most if your key has broken off in the lock of the door: calling a locksmith tampa.

Many of the tips that will be discussed in this blog are not 100% safe and can damage your lock. In addition, some tips require tools that you probably can’t reach if you’re locked out. Therefore, hiring a locksmith is often your best option.

A locksmith comes to your location and has the tools and expertise to remove the broken key from the lock. Although it is one of the more expensive options in this blog, you are assured of getting back in, and any ignorance causes no additional damage.

Are you having trouble finding a reliable locksmith? Then I know a good locksmith in Tampa.

Remove key manually with a tool

With some tools, such as pliers, you can get the broken key out of the lock. It s is relatively easy to do if the key sticks out a bit but can be tricky if the key has broken off deep in the lock. You also have to be careful not to push the key deeper into the lock accidentally.

While this method is relatively safe, it has the potential to be time-consuming, and you need to have a pair of pliers handy.

Glue the key

A regularly discussed solution on the internet is to glue the two ends of the key broken off in your cylinder lock. By applying a layer of glue to the broken part of the key and waiting for a while, you can carefully turn the key again.


However, this is quite a risky method if you are not very careful. If you accidentally apply the glue to the sides of the lock, various parts will stick together. Not only is it no longer possible to get the broken key out of the lock, but you can also immediately start saving for a new lock. This method is, therefore, at your own risk.

Usually, a component or superglue is used for this. However, you only need to use a minimal amount. In addition, this is the only material required for this solution, making this method relatively inexpensive. However, you just happen to have the glue.

Push the key out of the lock

If the key has broken off in the lock of the door, there is a good chance that the front of the lock is still accessible. In such a situation, you can try to push the broken key out of the lock with a thin piece of metal.

You do this as follows:

  • Find a thin piece of metal that you can use to get behind the key. Often an iron wire, welding wire, or a paper clip works for this.
  • Make a small hook on the piece of metal.
  • Push the metal into the keyhole and hit the hook behind the broken key.
  • Push the key out of the lock.

Although this is an inexpensive method, removing the broken key from the lock can still be quite a challenge. It can therefore take a long time before you get the key. In addition, this solution does not work with all locks, especially when the lock is turned. You also run the risk of damaging the lock.

If you don’t happen to have a thin piece of metal? A jigsaw can also offer a solution. By inserting the saw through the keyhole and letting one of the serrations pass behind the key, you can push the key out. However, this too can be quite difficult.

Use a magnet

It is a safe and straightforward method to pull the key out of the lock with a magnet. However, this method is not as effective as you may think.

A key is not always magnetic, but other lock parts can be. As a result, you still get nothing. The magnet must also be quite strong to get the broken key out of the lock. If you happen to have a strong magnet nearby, there’s no harm in trying.

Use a key remover

This tool is made for when the key has broken off in the lock of your door. This so-called key remover makes removing the broken key from the lock easy.

Although a key remover is relatively cheap, it can almost only be ordered online. That does not make this a suitable solution if you are standing in front of a closed front door. But if you have the option to wait for the delivery, that can be a solution. In addition, it can pay off to have these tools at home in the future.

Drill out the lock or remove the cylinder from the door

By now, we have arrived at the solutions that I would not recommend. However, I want to mention them anyway to know that it is at least an option.

Some people decide to drill out the lock or take the cylinder out of the door when the key breaks off in the lock. However, doing so will destroy the lock or cylinder, which is probably not the result you want.

In addition, these are complicated and time-consuming methods with a risk of failure. Damage to the door is also a frequently recurring consequence. It is easier to use one of the above methods.

Enter a diamond

One of the worst solutions, when your key has broken off in the cylinder lock, is to break a glass and gain entry. At first glance, this doesn’t seem so bad; you are immediately inside and can continue with your day.

You will only be faced with the consequences of this action shortly afterward. The window will have to be replaced, the broken key is still in the lock, and you will have to clean up the glass shards. In particular, replacing the window and removing the key will incur additional costs. There are, therefore, few institutions in which this solution is the best.

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