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Key Features of Electronic Health Records Software To Save Time and Improve Care

A solid electronic health record (EHR) software can help your practice’s workflow run more smoothly and use less staff time for a variety of routine tasks. Innovative EHR software offers essential capabilities, such as interoperability, allowing healthcare practitioners to successfully collaborate with other physicians in addition to maintaining careful and clear records.

An EHR can assist in lowering errors, enhancing patient safety, and promoting a patient’s overall health by providing healthcare professionals with access to a patient’s comprehensive medical history.

A fully working EHR software can assist medical professionals in providing patients with better treatment by

1. Making patient records easily accessible for more coordinated but effective care

2. Improving the reliability and safety of prescriptions

3. Cost-cutting measures include fewer paperwork and testing repetition

There are many advantages to using electronic health record software.

Scheduling appointments online

If you aren’t using separate medical Free Practice Management Software, this is a definite necessity.

Nobody likes to make a reservation over the phone. Integrated scheduling features that link to your practice calendar are now available in the majority of EHR systems.

Integrated solutions

In order to communicate information with other healthcare professionals and provide them with a complete picture of all the clinicians involved in the patient’s care. The majority of EHRs also interface with labs. Interoperable solutions make it simple for you and your patient to keep results organized and accessible from anywhere while also reducing paperwork and expenditures.

Intermountain Healthcare CIO Marc Probst made the observation. That data silos result in the deaths of tens of thousands of patients each year. The loss of billions of dollars at the CHIME16 Fall CIO Forum. Regulations governing health technology are encouraging increased interoperability more and more. Probst also urged for nationally imposed interoperability standards for the healthcare industry.

In order to communicate patient data between healthcare organizations without the use of interoperable health technology, the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives is urging institutions to establish a national patient identification.

The secure messaging platform for patients

Because they are rewarded under Meaningful Use, patient portals are now almost universal across EHRs. But not all of them were made equally.

Inquire as to whether patients may examine their files, treatment plans, diagnoses, appointment histories, immunization records, lab results, and unpaid balances when picking an EHR system. Although not an exhaustive list, this will get you going. Find out if patients can contact your practice directly through the portal and submit refill requests.

A patient portal with encrypted messaging can decrease no-shows, give approved patients quick access to confidential information, and generally improve the highly interactive doctor-patient relationship. An end-to-end EHR system will give your patients. The convenience they desire while improving the privacy and security of patient data.

Training and support are provided for free

User reviews regularly mention support and training, regardless of the software. (A huge selection of EHR software reviews may be found at Capterra.)

Good EHR software offers pricey consultants and extensive FAQs.

Great Free Electronic Health Records Software offers affordable, user-friendly interfaces and excellent, quick customer service. Your time should be spent on providing your patients with good care, not on resolving technical problems.

With a quick onboarding process, exceptional EHR systems assist healthcare providers in increasing productivity and achieving their business objectives. Inquire with your EHR vendor about including limitless, free assistance in your contract.

Referrals of patients

Sending and keeping track of referrals’ sources can be a major hassle for your medical business and is frequently just neglect. A patient referral feature in an EHR system saves you. Your patient time while offering a unique approach to monitoring client satisfaction. Every time, the right patient is sent to the appropriate clinician, and patient and provider interaction and communication are both improved. To ensure that vital health data is share along with your referrals, including continuity of care (CCD) records.


Physicians now have more “purchasing power” than ever to create the ideal EHR software thanks to changes in the EHR market. By integrating patient data from diverse sources. The finest EHR software assists healthcare providers to make better clinical decisions and enhance all facets of patient care, including safety, communication, and timeliness. Nextgen EMR Software, like the five solutions we’ve described here, can help transform your EHR system from being a superficial partner in providing the greatest and safest patient experience to a deep partner.

Medi Fusion

MediFusion is providing an EHR (electronic health record) solution that can be used in the healthcare industry. This solution automates practice functions including documentation, image integration, patient messaging, and e-prescribing.

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