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Let’s briefly describe “ACADEMY AWARDS”

Let’s briefly describe “ACADEMY AWARDS”


Academy Awards or Oscar is an excellent award presented for legitimate performance and incredible skills in the field of entertainment. Whether it’s the field of Bollywood or Hollywood, everyone’s personal aim is to bring this award to the native land. This displays the potential that how beautifully you can represent the problem or beauty of the world. 


For example, India’s first best oscar rewarded film was – “Mother India” and if you will see it till the end then you will find that this movie was raising the worst condition of farmers and how the rich people had turned their lives into hell. Not only the story, but the representation of the story with the help of characters was also up to the mark. This thing touches the heart of viewers and they become aware of the situation. Due to this reason considering this movie for OSCAR was worth the decision. 


This is important to present the reality and get a reward for the observation of glimpsing the beauty and pain of the world. Today let’s discuss this trophy in brief – 

Today let’s discuss this trophy in brief –

  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science or AMPAS always represents the Oscar award, especially in the film industry. 
  • Whether it is national or international they are responsible for nominating the films for the best creative and technical utilization. 
  • The name of the sculptor who has made this award is – George Stanley and the sketch creator’s name was Cedric Gibbons 
  • In the year 1930, the first reward show was broadcast through the communication medium, Radio. After the discovery of television people can watch it through television in the year 1953. 
  • For film ACADEMY award, Emmy awards for television, Tony awards for theatre, and Grammy awards for music. 
  • The nomination list has always published the name of the nominees three months ago of every event so that they can make modifications. 
  • Emil Jannings was the first actor who was rewarded with OSCAR. 
  • There are different versions of the OSCAR and the first one is – academy award of merit created through gold metal. 
  • During world war second, there was a shortage of gold or bronze metal so constantly two years people were creating it through the plaster for paint. 
  • Shumway and sons foundry in BATAVIA. 
  • As per the makers, the time required to develop fifty Oscar’s statuettes is around three months. They were also using a 24-carat gold plate from Brooklyn city. 
  • In the year 1939, the name “OSCAR” was being finally announced and approved by the officials. 
  • There are multiple theories about name origin but nothing is true enough. As per the president of ACADEMY, she named the award on the behalf of his husband in the year 1941. While on the other hand, after taking a view of the reward executive secretary said that – she was memorizing his uncle. Above all, there was not any early confirmation for the OSCAR’S name origin. 
  • Till the year 2010, there was a rule to engrave the name of the winner on the trophy. 
  • In the year 1946 people were criticizing Harold Russell, he was selling the OSCAR because his wife’s health was not in good condition. Then he stated that – his wife’s life is more important than anything else. 


Along with the OSCAR, there are a few other awards, ACADEMY distributes at a particular time to those who are worthy of it. Let’s see inside what are those 

  • Governors Awards 
  • Academy Scientific and technical awards 
  • Student academy awards 
  • Nicholl fellowships 
  • John A. Bonner Medal of Commendation
  • Technical achievement award 


Few rules that should followed in order to achieve OSCAR. The length of the film must be of 40 minutes with a 35 or 70 mm print. The minimum projector resolution must be 2048 by 1080 pixels. The rule of revealing the list of nominees would be through voting of officials and they view the films in the academy screening room, it is a secure place.

Last but not least – let’s draw a bit of attention towards the oscar-winning Indians and they are – A.R. REHMAN, RESUL POOKUTTY, BHANU ATHAIYA, and GULZAR. 

Wrapping up – 

Today we have revealed the hidden traits about OSCAR awards and every industry should try hard to imprint the benchmark. Also, we are proud to share the name of OSCAR WINNING INDIANS and that shows that we are Indians with excellence.

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