Making a Logo That’s Memorable

Memorable logo design can enhance brand recognition among consumers.

Apple, Samsung, BMW, and Pepsi are some of the most easily recognizable brands in their respective industries. They no longer need to create long ads, or brochures to inform consumers of their presence. Their distinctive logos are enough to help people recognize which brand a particular product belongs to.

Similarly, if you wish to create brand awareness and recognition, you need to have a logo that isn’t easily forgettable. According to surveys, 60% of total consumers avoid brands that have unattractive or mediocre logos. While this builds considerable pressure on brands to create logos that solidify their success, a memorable logo will only help improve their chances of increased brand recognition.

Do you want to learn more about why memorable logos are important? Keep reading to find out more!

Why is an Impressionable Logo Important?

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Create Brand Image

A professional illustration service would put in extra effort to create the perfect logo designs for your business – can you imagine why? A perfectly designed logo will help create a distinctive brand image for your consumers.

Most graphic designers take time and understand the business before they start putting together a logo. They’ll use important elements from the business to create a logo that incorporates the essence of a business.

Tells a Story

Another reason why impressionable logo designs are important is that they help tell your story. For example, the World Wildlife Fund works tirelessly for the preservation of endangered animals and uses a panda for its logo. The panda itself being an endangered species gives more meaning to their logo.

Similarly, designing a meaningful logo will help you tell your story to your consumers, competitors, and investors.

A Distinguishing Item

Let’s assume that you work in a competitive industry and all your products and services are similar. What can you do to distinguish your brand from the others? A meaningful and memorable logo can help you create a distinguishable identity for your business.

It will give consumers something to resonate with.

Communicates Quality

Among the many purposes that a logo serves, being able to communicate the quality, value, and incentive of a business is an important one.

If you use relevant design services, they will create a logo that depicts your brand value, quality, and perspective. These can improve brand awareness, teach consumers about your position, and help them make a decision in your favor.

6 Ways to Create a Memorable Logo

Now that you’re well aware of the advantages of a memorable logo, let’s take a detailed look at how you can create a memorable one following these tips and tricks.

Keep It Simple

It’s tempting to choose a complex design – thinking that it’ll leave an impression on those who see it. But the truth is, most consumers want to see a simple and understandable design.

When designing a memorable logo, make sure you’re sticking to primary and basic color schemes, using readable fonts and design elements that aren’t too complex. A simple design will go a long way!

Create Durability

You don’t want your logo to become obsolete in the next few years. When you’re considering logo designs, make sure you’re avoiding getting tempted into using current design trends. Remember, you want something unique, long-lasting, and impressionable.

Make sure you choose elements, colors, font sizes, and a design aesthetic that can stand the test of time.

Brand Reflection

Ask yourself a question – why are you designing the logo?

The answer will always be brand-centric. You want to create a logo to improve brand awareness, you want to improve brand image, you want to create brand recognition, and so on. When your motive behind acquiring a memorable design is your brand, then your logo should be a complete reflection of your brand.

You can use qualities from your business, or draw on the vision you have for its success. Use those qualities, attributes, and characteristics to create a logo that defines your business approach to your demographic.

Embrace the White Space

When you’re overseeing a design or giving feedback on a sample, you might be intimidated by white space. You might even ask a graphic designer to fill in the spaces with solid colors, and some design elements, or just ask them to fill up the spaces with text.

While it seems like a great idea at the time, you don’t want to present an overbearing design to your consumers. They might not understand the complexity of such a drastic design. Remember, you need to keep it minimalistic, and give your design some space to breathe.

Skip Cliché Images

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Deriving inspiration is fine, but using the same clichéd words and images can get boring pretty quickly.

Make sure when picking out images, shapes, or designs, you’re creating your own instead of settling for pictures that have already been occupied. Take another look at your business and imagine what image would justify the essence of your business – communicate that to your designer and see how that turns out for you.

Keep the Print in Mind

Important reminder: Logos always turn into print designs.

Your logos will be used in a collection of print ad designs, which means you have to look at your logo from a printing perspective. Colors, designs, and dimensions that look promising on screen might not translate that effectively on paper. Always do a print test to see if the logo actually works.

Hire a Professional

If you want everything discussed in your design, then the easy way is to hire a professional design service. A professional graphic designer will take into account all the dimensions of creating a memorable logo design.

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