Methods to execute when QuickBooks Payroll Not Updating

QuickBooks provides its users with benefits like payroll services. Updating payroll is an important task for any company, but sometimes while doing so, they might face an error saying QuickBooks payroll not updating. This issue could hinder the company’s workflow, and users might not be able to meet important deadlines; thus, it must be resolved at the earliest. Such a problem could arise due to numerous reasons, including a damaged company file, an outdated QuickBooks software, a problem in the network connection, or restrictive firewall settings. To resolve this issue, users can try running the quick fix my program tool or update their QuickBooks software. This article will provide you with the different methods you can use to resolve this issue, so continue to look through it until the very end.

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What are some causes that stop QuickBooks payroll from updating?

Some causes that stop QuickBooks payroll from updating include:-

  1. One or more of your QuickBooks company files might be damaged or corrupted.
  2. QuickBooks might lack the admin rights needed to update payroll.
  3. The QuickBooks version that you use might be outdated, and you need a newer version.
  4. There might be a problem with your computer’s network connectivity.
  5. The settings of your windows firewall might be restricting QuickBooks from updating payroll.

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What can be done when you are unable to update payroll in QuickBooks?

When you are unable to update payroll in QuickBooks, you can try executing the below-mentioned methods:-

Fix errors in the software using the quick fix my program tool available in the QuickBooks tool hub

To use the quick fix my program tool, you will need to execute these steps:-

  1. Open the QuickBooks tool hub once you download and install it from the official website of Intuit.
  2. Now run the quick fix my program tool by heading to the program problems section in the tool hub.
  3. Let the tool finish running before opening your QuickBooks software and trying to update payroll again.

Update QuickBooks desktop to be able to update payroll

To be able to update payroll, you might need to update your QuickBooks desktop with these steps:-

  1. Open your QuickBooks desktop software and head to its help menu.
  2. Now go to the update now tab by selecting the update QuickBooks desktop option.
  3. You might check the reset update checkbox to clear any previous versions of the software.
  4. Finally, begin the update by choosing the get updates option and try to update payroll once the process finishes.

These are the methods you can try executing when you face the issue of QuickBooks payroll not updating. Additionally, you can review and change the settings of your Internet Explorer and windows firewall security or install QuickBooks in Selective Startup mode. We recommend you read the methods carefully before executing them in the given order, and always keep your QuickBooks software updated. If you continue to face the issue, contact us at 1.855.738.2784 to get in touch with our Technical Support team.

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