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Mockup Software For Web Projects

Mockup software for your web projects

Mockup software are extremely practical tools that allow you to create a prototype for your future website. It is a very useful planning solution that improves organization and saves a lot of time for the web designer when executing the project. You can get in touch with Web Development Agency in Washington

Why use mockup software?

The use of mockup software allows you to better imagine the final result and therefore facilitates communication between the different actors of the project (project manager, web designer, marketing manager, etc.). By using one of these tools, you could arrange the different elements of your pages to their real scale. Thus the length of the texts, the size of the images and the CTA buttons can be decided beforehand to avoid unpleasant surprises and improve the general ergonomics of the site.

1. MockFlow

MockFlow provides very simple tools. Its extremely intuitive interface allows you to drag and drop the different design elements of your site: images, texts, icons, CTA buttons, forms, etc. The software has a free version for creating a single UI project. However, this does not allow you to take full advantage of all the advantages of the solution, in particular the possibility of working as a team, saving a version history or contacting support.

2. Cocoo

Designed to support you in the management of several types of projects, Cacoo allows you to create all kinds of diagrams: mockups of web pages but also schedules, web development diagrams, SWAT analysis, etc. The solution exists in free and paid versions knowing that you can also register for a free 14-day trial before making your decision.

3. Justinmind

Justinmind is a very complete solution that offers many templates from which you can start your own project. Its interface is very similar to that which is used by the Adobe suite. If you are familiar with Photoshop or Illustrator, getting started with Justinmind will be even easier. Available in a free version, this tool will allow you to manage your web projects with complete peace of mind.

4. LucidChart

It is a complete online software that allows you to view the management of different projects. With LucidChart you can also create mind maps, site maps, dashboards, and more. Very practical for teamwork, this tool can also be integrated into your Slack, Microsoft Teams or Office 365 space.

5. Origami Studio

Completely free, this solution focuses on the creation of mobile prototypes. With a vast gallery of pre-designed designs classified according to their level of difficulty, Origami Studio adapts to all needs. Attention, the application is only downloadable on Mac.


Prototyping tools are very useful, even essential for the management of your first projects. Creating a mockup, even if it is very simple and schematic, will allow you to better optimize the space you have: This will also force you to ask yourself the right questions about the readability and ergonomics of your site. or your application before the final stage of its production. This will improve your organization and facilitate communication between the different team members.


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