Most Useful Tips on How to Research and Finalise Your Packers and Movers

Packing and moving sound good together just like bread and butter; a perfect idiom but it is not as easily obtainable as bread and butter. It is perhaps one of the most difficult jobs on earth. House shifting drains you both at a physical and mental level at the same time. You have to undergo immense stress to fulfil a shifting process with exactness. What is more difficult is to find a trustworthy moving company in the epoch of moving scams. But you do not have to worry much as I have the most useful tips on how to research and finalize your packers and movers for your relocation.

The following are the most useful tips on how to research and finalize your packers and movers:

Be sure of what you want

The first condition of succeeding in anything in life is to be sure of what you exactly want. In case of your house shifting process, you have to be sure of what you want. You have 2 options. You can choose to pack your belongings by yourself and move your belongings through a logistics company. On the other hand, you can shift through proficient packers and movers Bangalore to Delhi. They will pack your belongings with care and skill and transport them to your new house without damaging them. First, you have to be sure of which kind of relocation you want to carry out.

Understand the complexities of a self-move

If you are considering opting for a self-move, you may be heading towards a grave mistake. Here, I am talking about packing your belongings on your own. Doing so needs a lot of skill, patience, and practice which you do not have. Moreover, if this is your first house shifting, you will have no previous experience in this field. Due to a lack of experience, you will not be able to pack your belongings using the right technique and load them randomly on the moving vehicle. This will damage your belongings on the move, and you will be left with a pile of waste at the end of the day. If you want to prevent such a disaster, hire professional packers and movers for a hassle-free move.

Ask for suggestions

Ask for suggestions from the people you trust. They can be your extended family members, friends, co-workers, neighbours, etc. They may know of someone who shifted recently through the packers and movers. You can also put up your concern on social media and ask for recommendations from a broader audience who follow you. Make a list of all the suggested names of moving companies and their details.

Read the reviews

Research online and find out the packers and movers that are located in your locale. Check their customer ratings and read their reviews to get a clear image of the moving company. You will know if the company is fake or real and whether the staffs are punctual, skilled, and well-mannered or not. Short-list the moving companies that are genuine and eligible according to the reviews.

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Ask the professionals

As you continue the hunt for the best packers and movers for your house shifting, you should leave no stone unturned. You will find some specific online platforms that have an unending number of professional packers and movers enlisted with them. Call them at their toll-free number to know about the verified details of multiple packers and movers in your vicinity. Jot down the details of these verified packers and movers for further processing.

Compile a list and confirm their dates

Now you have the details of several packers and movers from various sources: through recommendations, through your research, and through professional online platforms. You need to call up all the packers and movers individually and check for their available dates. If you are moving during the peak season, many of the moving companies will not be able to give you an available date due to the brimming demands. If the moving company can provide you with a free slot for your shifting needs, ask them to send someone for a pre-move survey.

Get cost quotations

As the moving companies sent their representatives to conduct the pre-move survey, they will come and check the bigger pieces of furniture and appliances in the household. According to their survey, they will make a report of the belongings and the cost of moving them from your present house to the new one. This is the moving cost quotation offered by the packers and movers for your house shifting.

Determine the best choice

Since you have contacted several moving companies at the same time, you will get several cost quotations. You should go ahead with the moving company that is offering you the lowest moving quotation. Do not forget to ask them about the add-on services. See which moving company is providing you with the best add-on services. Sometimes the packers and movers offer add-on services like unpacking and rearranging of your goods in the new house. It is a huge plus point to opt for a moving company that saves you the trouble of unpacking and arranging bulky pieces of furniture.

Cross-check their authenticity

You may think that once you have determined the best-suited packers and movers by figuring out the lowest moving quotes and the maximum add-on services. But you made a mistake as you did not make sure of the authenticity of the moving company. A fraudulent moving company will send you lucrative cost quotations and attractive add-on services to lure you into signing the moving contract. You should cross-check their authenticity before signing the papers.

Visit their office if possible and ask them to produce their IBA certificate, trade license, GST certificate, and company PAN details to prove their authenticity. If you find these credentials to be okay, go ahead and sign the moving contract with them.


Finding the right packers and movers to help you execute your house shifting is as difficult as house shifting itself. But aren’t we ardent about accepting challenges? So, I am sure that you will be able to find the best-suited packers and movers according to your budget and preferences. Once you have found and finalized the moving company, your house shifting will be smooth as butter. I wish you a great move!


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