Moving Cleaning In Norrland AB With Modern Städservice

Moving cleaning of private homes is our most complete assignment, which must also withstand critical inspection by buyers or inspectors.

Låt oss ta hand om flyttstädningen så att du kan fokusera på ditt nya hem. Vi jobbar över hela Stockholm och lämnar alltid resultat som håller hög kvalitet. Garanti på flyttstädning Trygg & säker personal. Gratis offert. 4.6 på. Städmaterial ingår.

When you order Moving Cleaning in Södertälje and the surrounding area at ENA Service, you can put all your energy into your new home because we take care of it.

We at Modern Städservice help you with the moving cleaning! Window plaster is included and we bring all equipment and cleaning materials. Of course with a quality guarantee. Your buyer will be greeted by a shiny home and you can spend time on other things.

This is how our Relocation Cleaning works

Our professional cleaning team cleans thoroughly down to the smallest detail. When you leave moving cleaning, you should feel safe – you can. Your buyer will be greeted by a shiny home and you can put all your energy into your new home.

  • We bring all equipment and cleaning materials
  • We clean all your surfaces thoroughly
  • Window cleaning and frame washing are included

This is part of Hemfrid’s Moving Cleaning

Feel free to inform us if you have sensitive materials, e.g. marble or brass in your home. The steps below are performed in an emptied home . Hemfrid always offers a five-day guarantee on moving cleaning.

We perform in all rooms

  • Cleaning windows.
  • Vacuum and wet dry carpentry, moldings, doors, door frames, window sills, free surfaces, wardrobe doors and cabinet doors.
  • Dries on top and inside in closets, cabinets, and bookshelves.
  • Dries in floor rails on sliding doors.
  • Vacuum and wet dry elements.
  • Dust dryer walls.
  • Dust dryer electrical outlet.
  • Vacuum cleaner lamps.
  • Polishes mirrors.
  • Removes ash from tiled stove and fireplace.
  • Dries exterior doors.
  • Vacuum and mop floors.
  • We bring all equipment and cleaning materials
  • Window plaster included
  • We clean all surfaces thoroughly
  • 10 day cleaning guarantee
  • Liability insurance
  • We apply for RUT Deductions
  • 14 day email invoice or post

Our prices for moving cleaning in Norrland AB:

We offer favorable prices for moving cleaning in Södertälje and the surrounding area. To begin with, you can quickly calculate what it would cost you with our price calculator and then book directly. If you do not find available dates in the booking calendar that are best for you, you are welcome to call us.

Relocation cleaning and relocation assistance in Stockholm

Are you in need of an affordable and proper moving cleaning? Or want help with the move?

Then contact us at Cleaning Level. We perform professional moving cleaning and help with moving in Stockholm and the surrounding area and our goal is to make you as a customer as satisfied as possible. We love contact with people and leaving a customer dissatisfied is not relevant. So if you are a private person or a representative of a company, municipality or region as well as associations and organizations, you are warmly welcome to contact us.

Cleaning level has worked in Stockholm for many years, and we always maintain a high standard of our work. Fair price, high quality and professional employees are what make us unique compared to other companies working in Stockholm. Call us to find out more about us and our services. We look forward to helping you with your moving transport or moving cleaning.

Free quote for moving cleaning and RUT deduction

We always offer a free quote to our customers in Stockholm. There are also no hidden costs for our services, but the price we offer you is what you will pay. The RUT deduction applies to moving cleaning, moving help, packing help and certain other moving services in connection with your move if you are a private person, which we at Städnivå administer for you so you get 50% directly on your invoice.

RUt deduction is a tax deduction since August 2016 which today is 50% of the labor cost. Do not hesitate to ask your questions regarding RUT deductions to our customer service. We are happy to help explain how RUT deductions work. You can also contact Skatteupplysningen by phone or read more on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website.

Advantages of moving cleaning at Modern Städservice in Stockholm:

  • Eco-friendly cleaning items are included
  • Experienced and well-trained staff with collective agreements
  • Liability insurance if something happens at Sweden
  • Three-day warranty
  • The RUT deduction applies – you only pay 50% of the labor cost

A moving cleaning for an inexperienced person can take time and it is also easy to forget places you do not think about cleaning. There is a lot to think about when you are moving and then it is easy to mentally let go of your old home and with it also the moving cleaning. Therefore, our returning customers around Stockholm are grateful that we can help them with their relocation.

If you just want a moving cleaning, you are warmly welcome, you will experience the result and hopefully wish for a recurring collaboration within another of our services that we offer.

Empty, clean & buy your estate

We clean for companies & private individuals and empty and buy estates all over Central Sweden. With over 10 years of experience, we are the obvious choice for you!

We empty, clean and buy your estate throughout central Sweden

Welcome to us at Modern Städservice, we offer help with estate cleaning, emptying and buying an estate.

We also help companies and individuals with moving cleaning and decontamination.  With our help, you get a responsive partner who allows you to think about other things. With over 10 years of experience, we are the obvious choice for you.

We carry out work all over Central Sweden such as:

Stockholm, Uppsala, Norrtälje, Gävle Enköping, Västerås, Örebro, Arboga, Karlstad, Eskilstuna, Södertälje, Nyköping, Norrköping, Linköping and the surrounding area.

Modern Städservice is a company with a number of ambitious people who have a high sense of responsibility and extensive experience of cleaning and moving. We perform the meticulous work at a favorable price and are responsive and care that the customer receives the service he wants.

We understand what the room should look like after cleaning and how smooth the move should be, which gives us a good reputation which is a main factor for our company and it has generated in that Modern Städservice has constantly grown. It is extremely grateful when a customer hears from you that has been recommended. It gives us more energy and responsibility to continue in the same direction with the same high quality and service.

Modern Städservice erbjuder Sveriges billigaste priser för flyttstädning.

Of course; price is an important factor for success. (High cost does not provide high quality but staff who have an eye for quality and a great sense of responsibility). We always make sure to keep costs low that balance between overheads and the customer’s budget.


Modern Städservice 100% guarantee assures that the customer saves both time and money when inspection takes place immediately after the service has been performed. Regarding Relocation Cleaning, the guarantee applies for a certain period for if the new customer / tenant or property owner has a point of view, it will be remedied.

Environmentally friendly

90% of the cleaning materials we use are environmentally friendly and some contain specific bacteria that are produced with a controlled bioprocess that results in efficient and high-quality products. Such as Nu-Grip Plus ™ which is a biotechnological product that in a new and revolutionary way cleans and breaks down grease and other dirt on the floor and in the pores of the floor surface. They are pH-neutral and gentle on the environment and users. The product can be used on all types of floor materials. After cleaning, the bioactive substances continue to break down grease from the floor and eliminate.

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