New Specializations of BBA that offer a promising career

Bachelor of Business Administration is a three-year course that is a base for management courses for many years now. Over the years, this course is being offered with different specializations in order to give students a solid knowledge base in the field in which they choose to make a career in. These courses offered at the top BBA University in Bangalore provide skills, knowledge, and training to future managers about the ways of handling different functions in an organization. Some common specializations for this stream are explained below.

BBA in Marketing

BBA in Marketing

One of the most important functions of a business organization is marketing. Over the years, traditional marketing strategies have evolved, with a new focus on online or digital marketing methods or strategies. Traditional offline methods had a direct target and reach but online methods have made a business reach its audience efficiently by going beyond the physical and geographical boundations.There is a strong need for efficient managers in this field who have hands-on knowledge of these methods and can monitor the team. Once you complete a course in this stream from the Karnataka management colleges you have a huge scope in today’s time and the near future.

BBA in Business Analytics

Having an analytic approach along with skills to support it gives a business an upper hand. This analysis not only simplifies human efforts but also protects you from the possibility of error. The course introduces a student to the techniques and tools that are essential in analytics and are closely related to their business. Data mining and statistical analysis are the two major concepts focused on in this course. Apart from these, the subjects included in the course are data environment, data visualization, data mining, data management, big data analytics, etc.

BBA in Entrepreneurship

The country today is exploring its self-dependence and start-ups are emerging as a new way to enhance financial independence along with generating new job opportunities for people in different industries.

BBA in Entrepreneurship

The top BBA University in Bangalore has introduced this course for students who have a business idea in mind and are looking forward to joining the start-up culture. For converting a business idea into a start and then further establishing it into a full-fledged business opportunity we need a good command of entrepreneurial skills. The course teaches students to see a business idea from a different perspective such as a consumer, investor, entrepreneur, manager, etc.

BBA in Banking and Finance

Finance and banking are two of the most important industries in any economy. It is impossible to imagine the ease of doing business without these industries. There are numerous topics that can be studied under both terms, yet they are interrelated. This field appeals to those with a passion for numbers and financial information. In order to be successful in a career in banking and finance, professionals must possess quantitative aptitude, a questioning mind, and problem-solving capabilities. Multiple job opportunities are available for graduates with this specialization in the banking and finance industry and in the finance departments of most companies.

BBA in Hospital and Health Care Management

Each and every field requires efficient managers. There is no exception to this rule in the hospital and healthcare sectors. Affordable medical facilities are well-known in our country. Therefore, medical tourism is becoming more prevalent in the region. In order to grow a hospital efficiently, BBA graduates are needed in the healthcare sector. As a result of the pandemic era, we have learned how important it is to have managers in this field.


The above are some of the specializations that are offered at the best private management colleges in Bangalore. All of the above have a bright scope and promise a fulfilling career. 

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