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There are several factors to consider when evaluating Nextgen EMR Software. Among them are affordability, MIPS/MACRA dashboard, and ease of use. In this article, we’ll examine the key aspects of Nextgen EMR. Read on to learn more about its strengths and limitations, and how it can help you achieve your healthcare goals. Nextgen EMR Software is an excellent choice for doctors looking for an affordable, reliable, and easy-to-use EMR system.

Web-based platform

NextGen EMR software allows physicians to easily view patient medication records, order refills, and electronically prescribe new medications. NextGen flags any potential drug interactions and allergies, and checks the patient’s insurance and prescription history before sending the request for a refill. It also lets users notify their preferred pharmacy whenever a refill is needed. The convenience of this software cannot be overstated. Whether a physician is on a busy schedule or a busy weekend, NextGen will keep everyone in the practice on track.

NextGen eliminates the time-consuming task of entering patient information. When registering a new patient, the software will automatically fill out required fields, including the patient’s name, date of birth, insurance number, and other information. NextGen even allows the physician to create a patient’s chart based on the information provided by his or her insurance company. This ease of use makes it the ideal EMR software for busy practices.

MIPS/MACRA dashboard

The MIPS/MACRA dashboard for Nextgen’s EMR software offers many features for meeting the reporting requirements of the CMS. Users can view their progress toward meeting MIPS/MACRA goals and view important information about their practice. The software also includes a tab that lists individual suppliers and the arrangements they’ve given. The software can also graph patient data over time and track adherence to CMS Promoting Interoperability standards.

The MIPS/MACRA dashboard for NextGen’s Office helps physicians monitor performance. The product has enhanced patient portal modules, including online payment processing, scheduling appointments, and e-visits. The NextGen Office EMR software also meets the MIPS/MACRA requirements and enables users to access SOAP notes and charts from anywhere. NextGen Office is certified by the CMS for MIPS and is a must-have for many healthcare facilities.

Patient engagement tools

Using patient engagement tools for your Nextgen EMR Software can be a great way to grow your practice. With these tools, you can deliver personalized educational resources in video and interactive media formats. This can increase patient engagement and decrease readmission rates. To get started with patient engagement, download the patient engagement software demo today. The demo will help you decide whether patient engagement software is right for your practice. In addition, you can see how the tools work for other practices by comparing customer reviews.

Automated waitlists are another great way to fill last-minute cancellations. Many medical practices maintain waitlists of patients interested in certain services, but few have the time to manually call these patients. Automated waitlists are powered by patient engagement software, which automatically texts patients in order of where they’re on the waitlist. They can continue to receive texts from the practice until cancellation is filled.

Easy to use

Among the features that make the Easy to use Nextgen EMR Software so great for physicians is its robust scheduling functionality. You can customize the reminders to meet your specific needs, and NextGen will automatically check your patients’ insurance and send them a notice if necessary. NextGen also includes clickable tabs that highlight critical aspects of a patient’s health and wellness. In addition, NextGen allows you to attach images to a patient’s notes or to document documents for later review.

NextGen is a web-based EMR software solution that is compatible with most devices and operating systems. It is available on multiple platforms, including smartphones and tablets, and it offers free training for all users. The software isn’t complex or intuitive, but it does offer numerous helpful tools and a good customer support team. Users have been raving about NextGen’s ease of use, as well as the numerous benefits it offers.


While Epic and NextGen EMR Software is popular choices for medical practices, NextGen is also affordable and easier to customize to individual practices’ needs. Its interoperability with other medical systems is also enhanced. NextGen has fewer drawbacks than other EMRs, but some users have complained about its UX interface. The cost of upgrading the software is expensive, and some vendors don’t offer much support after implementation.

Besides its user-friendly interface, NextGen EMR also includes robust reporting tools. You can run recurring reports, filter the data by various criteria, and save frequently used codes. These tools are highly customizable. Choosing the right NextGen EMR for your practice is essential for a smooth workflow. The price of NextGen EMR software will depend on your needs and the number of users you plan to accommodate. Once you’ve determined your needs, the next step is determining your budget

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