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Owner And Developer:

The highly regarded and well-known real estate developers Nova city developers are the ones behind Nova City Islamabad. The Nova City Housing Project is the developer’s flagship endeavor, and they are renowned for their first-rate infrastructural design.
a reputable real estate developer with decades of experience who has been in business since 1975. Commercial malls, apartment buildings, and housing developments are just a few of the successful and distinctive projects that Nova City Developer has already completed.

Successful Projects of Nova City Developers:

The well-known project developer is New City Wah Cant, which joins Brahma Bahter intersection M-1 and G.T road Wah Cant with its 110 feet wide Main Boulevard.
Nova City Developers started New City Phase-II after New City Phase-1 was successfully completed.
The renowned “Nova City School” network is also managed by Nova City Developers.

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The prime area of Islamabad and Rawalpindi the project is situated. The society’s main gate provides easy access to Ring Road Rawalpindi, the CPEC road, and other sides. The location of the society is ideal because it gives its members convenient access to Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

  • The Rawalpindi Ring Road, the CPEC route, and the New Islamabad international airport are all close by.
    about a 3-minute drive from the international airport in Islamabad.
  • G-15 Islamabad is around 12 minutes away by car.
  • G-13 Islamabad is around 15 minutes away by car.
  • Hakla Interchange M1 is only a 5-minute drive away.
  • Drive time to Blue Area Islamabad is only 25 minutes.
  • CEPEC and Ring Road are both 0 kilometers away.

Visit NOVA CITY to experience the best of what nature has to offer. in close proximity to the 8740-acre Kheri Moorat National Park.
Three dams encircle Islamabad’s Nova city. 2. Sapial Dam, 3. Kazana Dam, and 1. Rama Dam has world-class park landscaping, luxuriant trees and greenery, and a variety of family picnic areas.

NOC of Nova City Housing Project:

The necessary authorities have already given their approval to the certificate of no objection application process, which is currently ongoing. Investors’ primary worry is the NOC clearance because it grants any society legal status, raising the project’s value and legitimacy..
The first stage requires NOC approval, which Nova City developers are expecting. The Nova City Housing Society will fully launch after receiving NOC permission.

Master Plan:

The primary commercial district of Nova City will be the Shopping District, which would house all the significant shopping centers. Additionally, shopping areas will feature all of the national and international brands.
Animals Aviary
To provide them with a better and more open living environment, Nova City’s Birds Aviary will include enormous, big, and airy locations with green patches, plants, and vegetation.
Zoo An all-encompassing zoo will be available for the amusement of kids and families.

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Terms & Conditions :

Below are the Project’s terms and conditions for the payment plan.

10% additional fees for category plots.
The cost is inclusive of all development fees.
Pay by Pay Order made out to “Nova City Developers.”
Charges for confirmation (10%) must be paid within 45 days.
10% off full-price items.

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