On Demand App Development: Everything You Need to Know

Building an app can be costly and time-taking, especially if you’re not technical or don’t know where to start. The planning and marketing phases are the most critical aspects of the app development process. Read in this blog, On Demand App Development: Everything You Need to Know.

Have you ever wanted to create your application but weren’t sure where to begin? Or perhaps you’re currently developing an app but worry about its performance.

With On Demand App Development, you can have your app built with a mobile app development company without having to invest thousands of dollars into it upfront.

Check out this comprehensive guide to on demand app development to learn more.

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What Is On Demand App Development?

The necessity for businesses to develop specialized mobile app solutions that can satisfy customers’ needs when addressing a specific population is apparent. For instance, a provider of taxi booking services needs a customized taxi mobile app to reach a sizable audience that wants to book cabs. On demand mobile apps fall under this category.

As more people rely on smartphones for various duties and activities, you may assist them by providing an on demand app while growing your service business. The main advantage of the on demand application is that it is a cost-effective method of business promotion, regardless of the scale and size.

Business Benefits Of On Demand App Development

According to stats, the on demand economy has a sizable client base with 22.4 million users in the U.S. annually. They spend about $57.6 billion on these services. It helps businesses to reach a large client base, increase sales, and enhance operations.

Here are some business benefits of on demand app development which are mentioned below:


Real-time Tracking: These apps have a real-time tracking feature that allows users to check on the status of their service. The capability is beneficial in the context of a company’s logistics and transportation operations.

Customers can follow these details in real-time in addition to officials being able to monitor their live shipment, delivery agent location, and ETA.

Manage and Store Data: Cloud infrastructure support improves these apps’ storage and access capabilities for businesses. It includes important information in the areas of service data, service provider data, and even user data.

Data analysts can later access the cloud storage to discover trends in client interest and modify the apps.

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Convenient Business Strategy: It is essential to keep in mind that on demand apps serve as a bridge between the manufacturers and the customers at opposite ends of the supply chain. Such programs guarantee a streamlined supply chain and easier delivery.

Following that, businesses can better organize their duties, respond to client demands, and see an increase in their profit margin.

Better Time Management: Service wait times are significantly decreased with on demand technology.

According to statistics, 65% of service providers began providing same-day delivery in 2019, up from 51% in 2018. Low physical encounters, quick shipment, and a shorter turnaround time contribute to the overall reduction in service span.

Reduced Initial Time: On demand app development has lower overall project costs than traditional app production methods. Costs like overhead rent, hiring a professional team/developers and their wages, operational prices, and hardware costs can all be reduced here. Additionally, maintenance requirements are also reduced.

Customization Options: The app model can be efficiently customized for your various applications. Businesses have the opportunity to redefine their service and product models thanks to on demand development. They pay attention to market trends and respond in line with them.

Customer Satisfaction: Businesses mainly invest in on demand apps because of how well their client base responds to them. Today, most users desire services and products as soon as possible. According to statistics, 6% of all consumers who participated in one poll said they had purchased groceries online more than once a month.

Therefore, companies with more on demand apps may guarantee greater consumer satisfaction.

How to Develop an On Demand App?

It’s worth researching to ensure you won’t waste your money before launching your idea into one of the on-demand sectors.

The best way to test your idea is to create a minimum viable product (MVP) with just one or two game-changing features so that you can show it to people and get their comments.

However, some ways to know your idea won’t work, even before investing in minimum viable product creation.


Choose Your Niche

The first stage to turning your idea into a product is identifying an issue to answer and conducting extensive market research. Remember that it will be advantageous to have in-depth knowledge of a particular specialization and industry understanding.

Instead, you should study the market you intend to enter and the people you want to sell to. At this point, you should primarily seek answers to the following questions:

  • Is something wrong?
  • Who has this problem?
  • Is this issue truly so big?
  • How can my products solve these problems?

You can use the business canvas to create a high-level product strategy and put down the app idea by answering these questions.

Know Your Customers

Working on your app requires a thorough understanding of your target audience, habits, and problems. It will directly impact the quantity and kind of features your app will have in its initial release.

With the help of the following tools, you can determine whether your presumptions from the previous stage are accurate at this point and compile the client requirements:

  • User experience research uses observation and analysis to understand your client’s demands better.
  • Product discovery that validates or rejects your presumptions (an issue to solve, UX/UI specifics), creates a list of features for your app, and employs customer development interviewing methodologies to learn more about your end consumers directly.

Define Features

There are particular sets of features that are essential to include to create a successful on demand app. The primary features for each user base for on demand apps’ core functions, i.e., for customers and suppliers. The following is a list of crucial features to be added to such apps.

  • Push notifications: With this feature, people can receive important notifications and updates on the status of their deliveries right on their devices.
  • Real-time tracking: People can track their orders and check their current arrival status.
  • Payment: On demand app services accept various payment methods, including COD, UPI, and credit/debit cards. These choices provide secure encrypted transactions and are quick and simple to use.
  • Favourites: Customers can add a product or service provider to their favourites. Later, they can browse their favourites list to locate and rearrange them quickly.
  • Ratings and reviews: In the reviews section, users can express their opinions about the app or the products. Businesses can modify their software and services using this feedback.
  • Support for customers: The Customer Care function in the app enables users to speak directly with the company’s support team. The latter can answer their questions right away.
  • Request acceptance/rejection: The feature helps service providers decide whether to accept or reject a request at that precise moment.
  • Customer data management: The service provider has an area on the app to keep track of customer interactions. Some of them are discounts, payments, and cancellation fees.

Get your MVP build

The documentation you prepared during the earlier steps can now be shared with your technical team, and you can start building your app.

At this point, you and the technical team must be on the same page regarding your ideas and requirements.

During working on the product for customers, you can usually set up the sprint in case a customer has already identified all the requirements and completed the groundwork to:

  • synchronize
  • clean up the backlog
  • generate user stories – the tasks for the development team that is based on the features
  • hold a meeting to discuss it all, and ensure that everyone is on the same page with how products are developed

Even though the procedure could differ from vendor to vendor, it’s crucial to set aside time for synchronization and to go through every last detail with your tech partner.

Additionally, staying in touch during the entire mobile development process is essential to responding to inquiries, participating in discussions, and providing feedback. In this scenario, you’ll have a fantastic opportunity to complete your MVP precisely how you want it to be.

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Get Customer Feedback

Once the first version of your product is ready, the next stage is to receive customer feedback to validate your MVP.

Let’s examine the methods used most frequently to gather consumer feedback.

  • Interviews: Ask your focus group about their experience after watching them use your app.
  • In-app surveys: Use a variety of in-app polls to find out how satisfied and loyal your consumers are and what they think and would change.
  • A/B testing: Conduct A/B tests to determine which UX, UI, and application features or versions generate the most customer interest and engagement.
  • App statistics: To get the most valuable data, establish which metrics are crucial for your product and begin tracking them immediately.
  • Landing page or website: It’s time to introduce your app to a broader audience after you can tell your clients genuinely enjoy it. Create a landing page or website with exciting content, a signup form, a link to the store, and general details about the program. The number of clicks can then be monitored to gauge user interest.

Scalability and Support

After completing the prior steps and receiving positive feedback from your target audience, you can modify your product in response to this feedback. You can add new features, develop inventive design ideas, and do whatever else to make your users happier.

It’s crucial that the app’s basic architecture suggests the potential for adding new features. The scalability of your product should therefore be discussed in advance with your provider, among a bunch of other things.

Cost of Developing On Demand Apps

On demand app development cost ranges between $30,000 and $120,000 and even more than $250,000. The features’ number and complexity level are the main cost factors for estimating on demand app costs.


Simple On-Demand Apps

Simple on demand applications are of a basic set of functionalities. It is considered a good way of developing MVP products. These apps have a primitive user interface and are usually designed for one platform. The cost of developing simple on demand apps starts from $30,000 to $120,000.

Medium-Complexity On -Demand Apps

These are more challenging apps to develop. It includes more sophisticated functionality like in-app chat and payment gateway interactions and has a custom UI design. The cost of developing this app ranges from $120,000 to $200,000.

Complex On-Demand Apps

These apps come with high-level advanced features and UI. The cost of building such apps starts from $200,000 to $300,000 and more. 

Wrapping Up

After considering everything, you should look into the several popular on demand online programs. Notice which versions have more significant followings and think what makes them unique.

You can hire app developers to get end-to-end on demand app development solutions. Along with the help of professional services-based businesses, you can make the most from the booming on demand app domain through their robust and cost-effective solutions.

These can assist you in getting the correct data and a competent development team.

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