Pecha Kucha Ideas – How Students Can Use It (2022)

Pecha Kucha Ideas

The pecha kucha ideas can be helpful to treat thr PowerPoint chaos. Pecha Kucha topics were developed by Klein Dytham Architecture, a Japanese Architectural firm, and its managers. It was suffering from some presentation issues.

The pecha kucha ideas will have 20 slides, and for about each slide the speaker speaks for 20 seconds. The total length of your presentation time is 6 minutes and 40 seconds if you are doing the maths. With only 20 seconds per slide creating a presentation less than 7 minutes long, cuts down on the rambling that is often considered a characteristic of PowerPoint delivery.

Why Pecha Kucha Ideas?

Another feature that sets the pecha kucha ideas apart from a traditional presentation style is the design of the slides. You want to select an impactful image that is worth looking at for twenty seconds as the audience only has twenty seconds to absorb each slide.

It should not be an image that the audience has to labor over as the slide will only be visible to the viewer briefly. The pecha kucha ideas benefit from the tight structure while also giving creative latitude to the presenter, turning the act of presenting into storytelling.

To make presentations livelier and more engaging to your students you can do a lot with this presentation format as an instructor.

Help Students Make Sense Of The Pecha Kucha Ideas

As it is quite obvious that the Pecha Kucha format is a quickly paced format, we would recommend the faculty develop some exercises to help students unpack the pecha kucha ideas.

One Minute Paper

The One Minute Paper is the one tactic you can use. You assign a one-minute paper after you deliver the Pecha Kucha, where you ask the students about the main point of your lecture. You can then call on a few students to read their papers in a face-to-face class. That will help in checking comprehension and will spark discussion.

Muddiest Point paper

If you know that your pecha kucha ideas cover many dense topics. Then, you should consider having students complete the muddiest point paper, in which you ask them what they have found most unclear about the Pecha Kucha.

The Pecha Kucha format is not only meant for the teachers. Additionally, the pecha Kucha also provides students with an incredible template for presentation development. Thereafter, it moves the focus to an effective presentation from reading bullet points, followed by discussion.

The Benefits Of Pecha Kucha Ideas

1. Group Projects

Pecha kucha ideas give students a structure to complete group projects. The format will only be of 7 minutes long duration. This gives you lots of chances to give students a specific section of a topic.

This saves you from repeatedly listening to several versions of the very same presentation. When there will be different topics your students will also be more engaged when they listen to their peers.

2. Personal Reflection Presentation

Right now, student portfolios are becoming more popular in higher education. This is because they motivate the students to introspect and self-reflection on the relationship of their current learning. Also, to connect to the world around them along with their careers. Pecha Kucha gives students a great structure to reflect on how it has affected their lives and their course content.

3. Student Introductions

You have students introduce themselves at the beginning of a semester, to each other because it builds community. Using Pecha Kucha topics, get your students to introduce themselves. Also, give them a structure to tell a compelling story and organize their thoughts.

4. Teach a topic

Cultivating the ability to teach it to someone else is the best way to learn something. Using the Pecha Kucha format gives your students a chance to instruct their peers. To teach each theme select a lesson and assign different groups in the Pecha Kucha style. Each group can entertain questions after the lesson.

General Tips For Pecha Kucha Ideas Development

  • When designing a Pecha Kucha, you should start by thinking about the story you are going to tell in 7 minutes or less. Because the Pecha Kucha is all about storytelling.
  • Rather than developing directly in PowerPoint start by developing a storyboard. Instead of designing a PowerPoint and trying to make your presentation “fit” the PowerPoint you develop this will help you focus on the story you are trying to tell. The low tech story boarding tools consists of the following:
  • Notes Pages Printing of a PowerPoint Slide
  • Index Cards
  • Make sure that it is 20 seconds time each slide. For pauses and transition to the next slide don’t forget to add time.
  • Subsequently, try to plan the images intentionally that will go on the slide. Images that highlight the theme you are trying to convey, plan them thoughtfully. Before you even start looking for images try to think of the images that will advance your message.


Whatever you are saying just practice it. While delivering the pecha kucha ideas this rehearsal is crucial to being able to be polished. Therefore, try listening to your delivery. Remember to breathe as you present. And observe if you have too much to say? Edit your presentation if the timing is tight. While delivering the Pecha Kucha you shouldn’t want to sound rushed.

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