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Pin Bhaba Pass Trek – The Great Himalayan Treking

The Pin Bhaba Pass trek is perfect for those people who have a zeal for mountaineering and consider it a special purpose in their life.

It is a very beautiful and Gradual uphill trek in the Himachal. The Pin Bhaba Pass trek is perfect for those people who have a zeal for mountaineering and consider it a special purpose in their life. Bhaba Pass is the most dramatic pass crossing trek in India, especially when we have so many pass crossing treks in our country.

Once at the pass through it, you see Pin valley below you, in various shades of pink, set amidst the stark and deserted mountains of Spiti.  While behind you, the lush green Bhaba valley can be seen. A turquoise blue water river gushes through the forest on one side, little brooks skip and jump through the trees on the others.

The Pin Bhaba Pass is the passage between Bhaba Valley in Kinnaur to Pin Valley in Spiti. The highest point of this trek is 4915m Pass where you can see two worlds at the same time. When you are at the top, you will see the flags and the two different worlds of Green on one side and the browns on the other. This is the reason Pin Bhaba is the Best Trek in Himachal Pradesh. And when compared with its riskier cousin, the Pin Parvati Pass trek, where your life is at stake, the Pin Bhaba not only is a great alternative, but a more beautiful one.


It is the best 8-day trek among all other treks in the Himalayans. Day wise schedule of the pin bhaba pass trek is as follows.

Day 1: Your pick up from Shimla Old Bus Stand. You have to reach Kafnu from Shimla. (208km- 8/9 hours’ journey- 2401m)

Day 2: You will start your trek from Kafnu to Mulling (11.3km- 8 hours’ journey- 3242m)

Day 3: Trekking from Mulling to Karah (6.3km -5 hours’ journey – 3552m)

Day 4: Trekking from Karah to Phutsirang (4.9 km – 4 hours – 4107m)

Day 5: You can have rest for whole day at Phutsirang.

Day 6: Again trek from Phutsirang to Mangrungse via Pin Bhaba Pass (9 hours- 10.9 km- 4168m)

Day 7: Trek from Mangrungse to Mudh (16.29 km -7hours journey -3744m)

Day 8: Drive from Mudh to Manali (252km -7 hours’ journey)

Best time to pin bhaba pass Trek

The best time to do the Pin Bhaba Pass trek is from end of May to the last of 3rd week of October, you can do it comfortably, it is safe, there is no any kind of problem there in this season.

Pin Bhaba Pass trek’s weather and its temperature always keep on changes with time to time, which is always suitable for your trek, Months from May to October experience fine temperatures during the day with comparatively colder nights.

Things to carry on the pin bhaba pass trek

  • Trekking shoes and trekking pole: On your trek, you will have to cover a long distance and walk for long.
  • Backpack: You will also need a good backpack with sturdy straps and a supporting frame to keep the necessary things.
  • Clothing: Two trek pants: Carry at least two spare pairs in case your first pant gets wet.
  • Water bottle, head torch, snacks, Medical kit (as per your dr), Sanitizer, and other required things.

Reasons to do pin bhaba pass trek

If you are a trekker and love trekking in the Himalayan, there are many popular reasons why the pin bhaba pass trek should be on your bucket list.

  • During this trekking, when you camp in the river delta of Phutsirang, it is a once in a lifetime experience. River deltas on a trek are extremely rare and you are camping right on one.
  • It is one of the most dramatic pass crossings that leads you from the lush green of Bhaba Valley of the Kinnaur to the desolate landscape of Pin Valley in Spiti region.


We always keep hearing about Pin Bhaba pass as a comparison to Pin Parvati pass trek. In reality, they are extremely different treks. Pin Bhaba pass is the confluence of Pin and Bhaba valleys. That also means it is the perfect mixture of Himalayan greenery and its aridness.

Why are you waiting for them if you are a trekker and love the Himalayans? Get set ready!

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