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Preserved Flower Delivery Singapore – Condolence Flower Same-Day Delivery

Come what may, there are some things that you can always rely on to comfort you and make you feel better: friends, family, and flowers. At Inflow Flowers, we understand that even when life throws you curveballs, you still want to be able to enjoy the flowers around you. Especially in times of grief or sadness. So, whether you’re looking for preserved flowers delivery Singapore or condolence flowers same day delivery.

What are preserved flowers?

Preserved flowers have been treated with a chemical process that prevents them from decaying. It means that they will last much longer than fresh flowers. This is why they are often used in arrangements that must last for a long time, such as funeral sprays. However, some people may prefer the look of fresh flowers over preserved ones. It’s important to know that not all preserved flowers smell like chemicals; many of them retain their original scent.

How long do they last?

When you order flowers for delivery in Singapore, you can choose between condolence flowers and preserved flowers. Both types of flowers are beautiful, but they have different purposes. Condolence flowers are typically given to the family of the deceased as a way to show your support and sympathy. These flowers usually only last for a few days. Preserved flowers, however, are meant to be a lasting tribute.

For preserved flowers Delivery in Singapore, pick Smiling Flora.

Preserved roses and other blossoms are the pinnacles of timeless beauty, with an aesthetic appeal that hasn’t changed. Giving someone preserved flowers under a glass dome is natural and helpful, and it’s probably the sweetest gesture. A bouquet of preserved flowers serves multiple ornamental purposes and can be moved into a glass jar to serve as table centerpieces. Talk about countless design options!

We will have your loved one on Singapore’s doorstep delivered if you order our preserved roses in a jar or flower bouquets online from anywhere in the world. 

Flowers That Are Forever Yours: Dried and Preserved

In addition to the abundance of fresh flowers, our online store in Singapore also carries a wide variety of preserved flowers. What exactly makes preserved and dried flowers appealing? Since preserved blossoms have been rehydrated in a glycerine bath with colorants, they resemble fresh blooms. These low-maintenance flowers are wonderful long-lasting gifts due to their vibrant colors and fresh appearance.

Are you looking for more than just a straightforward bouquet? Try a jar of preserved roses to up the ante! Smiling Flora also provides a variety of glass dome flowers inspired by the enchanted rose enclosed in a glass dome. Our glass dome flowers are more than just a simple flower in a jar. They have a preserved rose or carnation flower in the center, surrounded by other dried flowers. 

Send Condolence flower same day delivery.

A pink rose may represent gratitude, an orchid wonderfully expressing the sentiment of enduring love, and lilies wishing the departed’s soul a peaceful afterlife.

When your family and friends need it, show them you care and respect them. Support them at difficult times, and if distance prevents you, make yourself feel by doing something uplifting and empathetic. Flowers are the perfect way to express any feeling and fit any situation. Send condolence flowers online to loved ones in any part of Singapore to reassure them that these difficult times will also pass. Give them strength, a shoulder to weep on when they experience a considerable loss, and show them that you are with them by being there in deeds as much as in words.


Therefore, we have provided the concept of condolence flowers same day delivery and preserved flowers delivery in Singapore here. Now that you know both of them, you can choose whichever one you want with ease, thanks to the information provided on this site. Furthermore, you can determine which is better for you and which situation.

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