PRINCE2 Methodology Defined Roles

PRINCE2 training specifies seven roles for any project team. The well-defined roles ensure all requirements are met and the work is completed as intended.

The three primary roles are as follows:

  • The project board
    Project supervisor Project team
  • However, to construct a suitable structure, it is also necessary to specify the auxiliary roles. The seven roles are as follows:
  • Customer
  • This is the individual who will pay you for the assignment.
  • User
  • Sometimes the client and the user are the same people. However, a more exact definition of the user is the person who will use the PRINCE2 training or someone who the project’s outcome will impact.
  • A provider gives their skills to ensure the project’s success.

Manager of Projects


They are in charge of planning and coordinating. But the supervise the work on the project and manage the team that is working on it. They must ensure that the job is done correctly and that the project is properly completed.

Project Group


They are in charge of the actual work or tasks being completed on the project.

Team Leader


The team manager is responsible for the team’s work and reports to the project manager.



This individual organizes meetings, keeps everyone involved in the project up to date, and manages documentation. When the project is small, the project manager takes on these responsibilities, but larger projects necessitate a particular job.

A PRINCE2 Process’s Work Phases


It should be no surprise that the process is divid into seven stages! They are as follows:

The Beginning of a Project

A project mandate is submitted, and a request for a new project. This mandate is evaluate to ensure that the organization can fulfill it. If it is approv, the company will receive a complete project brief. Project Management

The project board reviews and evaluates project briefs. They will decide how to carry out and coordinate the initiatives that have been approv.

Starting the Project

The project manager develops the project initiation documents, including a strategy and baseline for key objectives such as cost, benefits, risk, quality, and scope. The board decides whether or not this documentation is acceptable to everyone.

Stages of Control

The project manager has now broken the project into smaller work phases. So distributed them to the rest of the team. The project manager oversees each stage and will step in if need. The team manager check daily work.

Product Delivery Administration

The deliverables must meet PRINCE2 training quality requirements. But before being pass on to the customer, which is the project manager’s responsibility. The board then decides whether the results should approv or revised.

Stage Boundary Control

The board and project manager assess each stage of the project to ensure. So that everything is going as plan. Because all requirements are meet. The board can determine CCNA training whether or not to continue with the initiative. The project manager must record the lessons learned at any review for future reference.

The Project’s Completion


When the project’s work is over, the project manager must neatly wrap things up. You can see how well-structured the PRINCE2 training methodology is, but you won’t realize its value until you apply it to your projects.

The following are the primary advantages of the PRINCE2 training project management methodology:

  • It is a well-known, globally accepted mechanism for expanding your network while raising demand for your services.
  • It is an excellent entry-level qualification for anyone interested in project management. It will explain the essential principles and how to work effectively on a wide range of projects.
  • Its methods are acknowledge as one of the critical core project management. So instruments by most enterprises worldwide.

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