Project Management Features Offered by FunctionFox vs BQE Core

Project management has many requirements and one of them is to keep track of all the time or money spent on the project. This means the software has to have the features needed to assist with that. There are a number of unique options available in the market and choosing between them requires buyers to do their research. This comparison of FunctionFox vs BQE Core looks at the characteristics of both platforms and how they help users fulfill their responsibilities.

Both are highly rated and have been known to satisfy users in particular industries. In order to determine which option would make the best investment, it is important to learn about the benefits of the software.

FunctionFox Overview

FunctionFox is a cloud-based time tracking and project management solution. It is a simple platform built for creative teams such as marketing, advertising, and design firms. The software is reliable and can help users cope in a paperless world. It replaces outdated spreadsheets and helps track time or projects in more than one way. The software helps users keep up with the project lifecycle and follow it from conception to delivery.

It includes a lot of useful features such as time-tracking, quotation management, invoicing, project management, comprehensive reports, file document, and exchange. Users can keep track of the milestone with timelines and estimate their budget for the project. Since it was created for creative minds, it is targeted at small to mid-sized businesses. In-house departments, agencies, and freelancers can all benefit from its features.

In terms of FunctionFox vs BQE Core, FunctionFox helps users take complete control over the business side of projects and maximize billable hours. It also optimizes the entire process for employees and contractors since they do not have to manually keep timesheets. The managers can access all their deadlines, assignments, files, and estimates in one place.


Intuitive Interface

FunctionFox is a user-friendly project management tool that facilitates time tracking for all tasks. It is designed to help streamline processes and provide creative companies with the tools they need to deliver high-quality services.

Time Tracking

The Functionfox software replaces paper-based timesheets and manual clocking systems. It is a modern solution for problems associated with time management and monitors all the hours spent on projects. Tracking milestones is very easy and users are able to access whatever knowledge they need without having to look for the information themselves.

Database Management

The software stores all information related to previous projects and users can look up the history from weeks or months ago. It is easier for managers to look after their team and review the steps used previously with the database at hand. They can immediately make corrections and make sure the project is proceeding according to schedule.

Task Management

FunctionFox software makes task management easier because it has scheduling options that help managers stay on top of everyone. They can delegate tasks according to the employee’s skills and availability. It is also easy for users to create their schedules and track all their tasks on the home page so they are always one step ahead of the deadline.


In terms of FunctionFox vs Core BQE, it is important to discuss the budgeting features. Teams need help when it comes to project management and FunctionFox can help keep track of the finances. It follows all production schedules and makes sure the project goals are aligned with the efforts being made by users.

BQE Core Overview

BQE Core is a complete business suite with tools for billing, project management, and accounting to help professional firms. It is a comprehensive software that includes multiple instruments that help users keep in touch with the business operations, automation, and workflow monitoring all from one place. The software helps users keep a firm grip over their resources and budgets.

BQE Core can help managers make decisions by analyzing their profitability and it is equipped with all the tools needed to generate intelligent and actionable insights. The software provides unmatched service from implementation to training. The customer support team is always available and sends prompt responses, which makes it easier to resolve issues.



BQE Core software helps users take a quick look at what they are doing and customize the platform with the help of dashboards. Therefore, Users can share information with executives and access whatever they need at different times. There is no limit on the number of dashboards so it is easier to separate data based on its purpose. Users can quickly make the decisions they need to with access to real-time data.

Project Monitoring

However, Managers can keep an eye on their team members, budgets, and projects at the same time. They can follow the activities relevant to any initiative and also keep track of the contacts involved in them. It is easier to keep projects within the budget limit with the help of this information.


One difference between FunctionFox vs BQE Core is that Core allows automation. However,  the application makes it easier for users to schedule reports, generate recurring invoices, and take care of billing. Users can spend their time on much more important work instead of having to manually perform the tasks.

Customer Support

BQE Core assists customers with technical and non-technical issues and makes sure they have the answers they need. So, they can count on a representative to get back to them before their patience runs out.

Mobile Application

BQE Core is available for Android and iOS devices which is perfect for employees who are always traveling. Therefore, users can check in from the road and respond to important messages on time. They can also make sure the company operations do not suffer and the workflows move along smoothly even if the concerned person is not at their desk.


The bottom line in the FunctionFox vs BQE Core comparison is that both platforms provide robust billing features to users. However, the choice depends on the additional capabilities required by the firm.

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