Pros & Cons of Ear Lock Mailer Boxes

Ear Lock Mailer Boxes

If you want to deliver your products safely make sure you choose reliable packaging. It gives an exceptional experience to the customer. Ear lock mailer boxes offer the best packaging solution for all your products. You can keep your products safe and impress your customer with the corrugated mailer box. Many brands in the e-commerce industry have to ship their products daily. With incredible printing, you can develop a good image for your brand too. When a logo is printed at the top of the mailer box it can improve the position of your brand. If you are looking for ear lock mailer packaging at affordable rates, it is possible too. Here are some pros and cons of ear lock mailer boxes:

Pros of Ear lock mailer boxes

Brand building

The ear lock mailer boxes will help you differentiate your brand from others. You can invest your money into this box and it offers fantastic results. If you get your logo embossed at the top of this mailer packaging it will enhance the position of your brand. It is a good way to market your brand and become prominent among buyers. Nowadays it is not easy to make a mark in the e-commerce industry. However, with reliable packaging, you can win the heart of many customers.

Enhanced protection for the products

Brands are using cardboard and corrugated mailer boxes to ship their products safely from one place to the other. Whether it is the clothes, toys, gifts, or other items you can ship them safely. Monthly and weekly subscription boxes are getting very prominent among buyers. This is why mailer boxes are the first choice of every brand.

If your product gets damaged during shipping it can increase the cost for the brand. It will help you build a strong connection with your customers, as they get high-quality products. The electronics, glass products, and other such fragile items need safety during transportation. You can surprise your customer with the best products. Ear locking mailers have the perfect locking system. It is suitable for lightweight and heavy products.

Presentable and versatile

Ear lock mailer boxes are versatile and presentable at the same time. You can use any printing method on these boxes as it will enhance the appeal even more. Customers are smart and your packaging design is the first thing they will notice. When your boxes are well-designed it gives an impression that the products packed inside are classy too. If you have a health or medical brand using white color for the background will look unique look.
White cardboard can be used to manufacture these custom boxes. It gives a good perception to the buyer and will enhance your sales too. The self-locking mailers are suitable for small items. While the front lock mailers are suitable for the security of a heavy product. If this isn’t enough they offer a good option for branding too.


If the ear mailer box is made with cardboard and Kraft it will be easy to recycle. It is a better choice than plastic as many people consider it bad for their health. Recyclable materials are easy to access while plastic is expensive too. Nowadays many people demand eco-friendly packaging and this can be a good option to impress them.

Design according to your product type

The best thing about the ear lock mailer box is that you can design it according to your requirement. It features a tab lock that gives an unusual appeal to your products. You can use various decorative materials to make the box look even more versatile. It will be easy to create the box according to the specification of the product. These lightweight boxes are suitable for e-commerce order delivery. Delightful printing on it will make this a prominent choice to send and receive gifts.

Cons of ear lock mailer boxes

High Cost

Ear lock mailer boxes are not standard and this is why they can be costly. It can be a challenge for the startups to handle this much cost. They cannot charge a high price from the customer either, even if their cost increases. However, the top brands may get benefit from ear lock mailer boxes. They are versatile, rigid, and durable at the same time. If the boxes are made of cardboard and Kraft it can reduce the cost to an extent.

Lead time

Stock packaging is available all the time. However, customized packaging isn’t. You can get your boxes customized according to your requirements, but it doesn’t mean they are always available. You cannot keep them stored in the warehouse either. If someone places an order online, only then the packaging company will start manufacturing.
All will depend on the scope of the ear lock mailer box. This can add up drastic lead time to the packaging run. The E-commerce industry is fast and they have to make quick deliveries. They can’t wait for the boxes to deliver.

They get dirty easily

Once the boxes leave your warehouse they have to go through a lot of stages. The ear lock mailer box will travel around the truck, plane, train, or even ships. During this journey, they can get dirty very easily. They usually pass through different hands and finally reach the customer. If the custom boxes is not made out of thick corrugated material it will not be very sturdy either. As these boxes are not dust resistant you need to put to keep them clean. Printing the boxes with bright and darker colors may turn out to be a better option.

Additional details

You need to have a lot of inks and dyes for the printing of an ear mailer box. If you want to get these boxes customized it can enhance your cost of production. If the lead time will increase it may further enhance your budget. It can be a good choice for the bigger brands as they may handle such high costs. However small brands cannot benefit from this situation. High-quality packaging has become a necessity for every product and this is why brands are looking for professional packaging. The popularity of attractive and high-quality custom mailer boxes has increased a lot because they offer so many benefits. These boxes are not only secure but are also made with appealing and impressive designs.

Luxury mailer boxes at discount price

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