Readymade Garments Industry Forecast Market Report

Readymade Garments

The readymade garment industry in India is the largest industry. India is the second-largest producer and exporter of readymade garments, which is considered the major contribution towards economic growth. It accounts for the high percentage that reflects a substantial growth of the textile industry in India. Some of the top-producing Indian states export largely. The Top best garment-manufacturing Indian states are Maharashtra, Andhara Pradesh, Bangladesh, Harayana, and Tamil Nadu. These practices are helping and providing opportunities for Readymade Garments trader in India to secure their top position across the country.

Additionally, some top exporting destinations that contribute and play a major role in augmenting the Indian textile sector. Spain, the United States, and Germany are the top exporting destination for Indian readymade garments. It is one of the major factors, contributing, to and widening the scope of the Indian textile industry


Let’s have a flash at some of the readymade garment industry’s drivers:

  • Gaining working population in India
  • Surging young population growth
  • An increase in the salary
  • The rise in the establishment of online platforms
  • Rising readymade garments online

These are the top demanding factors for the growth of the Indian economy, Maharashtra, and Bangladesh is the top garment manufacturing states in India. And these countries are responsible and major contributors to the Indian textile industry. India is the largest and biggest producer and exporter of textile products.

These are certain factors driving the growth of the readymade garment industry in India. A consistent increase in the factors is estimated to secure a top position all across the world in the upcoming few years. India is becoming a profitable destination for people who want to start their online garment business. These drivers are serving a great opportunity to enhance their reach in the Indian market. Diversified t-shirt purchases are increasing in the country, which leads to stimulating T Shirt Manufacturer in India for bulk t-shirt production with the purpose to meet a highly rising demand of consumers.

India is itself the largest producer and consumer of cotton. Cotton, silk, and denim are popular items exported by India. India has a great history of craftsmanship value chain driven by fibers and yarns. India’s textile segment has diversified products ranging from handloom products to western readymade garments and is the biggest contributor to economic growth. The biggest employment-generating industry in India is textile followed by the agriculture sector.

Top Indian textile fabrics that are highly demanded in the market

Cotton: is the top demanded Indian fabric across the world and this accounts high-profit ratio and secures massive growth of the economy. Followed by cotton, silk, and leather-produced product are the next top demanded products in both domestic and international markets.

Readymade garments: these are the next highly exported textile items, which consist of diverse product segments ranging from traditional handloom, leather-produced readymade garments, and handicrafts.

Silk: is also one of the top-demanded fabrics in the international market. Raw silk, silk yarn, silk fabric, and makeup are the most demanded products of silk.

Best way to find readymade garment traders like wholesalers, buyers, and suppliers:

Before selling your readymade or manufactured garments to wholesalers you first need to have a list of buyers. You can find through the B2B portals there you receive a list of numerous wholesalers or buyers. Domestic or international both markets inquiries can be generated easily. These are the top best portals through which you can generate a list of genuine buyers, suppliers, and wholesalers.

  • Alibaba
  • Tradeindia
  • Indiamart
  • Exporters India
  • Amazon business
  • Dekentmerchandise
  • Tradekey
  • world trade
  • Taiwan trade

What is the GST for readymade garments?

The GST percent depends on the type of fabric you are using for manufacturing products.

If the garments costing more than 1000rs are manufactured then it will charge 12% GST, and if the garment products cost less than 1000rs then it will charge a GST percentage of 5%. This can be suitable information for Readymade Garments trader in India.

Government initiatives: introduction of the policies and schemes

The government has introduced numerous policies and schemes to promote the textile industry in India. Let us have a look over some of the many:

  • Scheme for incubation in apparel manufacturing
  • Production-linked incentive schemes
  • PMmega integrated textile regions and apparel park schemes
  • Amended technology upgradation scheme

Conclusion: Indian readymade garnet industry is among the fastest-growing industry over a period of time. And the above-mentioned drivers or additional schemes and information are reflecting an estimated growth that is highly profitable for the new startups.

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