Researchgate.net if he does, ask questions! For the sake of your new relationship, you have to be able to clearly listen to him and understand what he is telling you. Sometimes a man needs to do something over and over before he gets it right. But it is important that you let him. This is a very important process to allow him to learn. When a man you are dating is being sincere, you have to give him his time to work on what he needs to do.

The one thing you can not allow yourself to do is to become defensive. Allowing a man to continue to learn is the best way to assure him that you are the one who cares most about his success in this relationship. Men want to feel wanted and needed by a woman.


If you are not able to open yourself up to listening to him, and allowing him to learn and work through his issues, he will simply move on to someone who will. the job. He knows that if you fail to meet his needs you will not only hurt him, but you will lose a lot of respect and love from those around you who love and trust you. Many women have not learned how to be a friend.

Friendships between women are about much more than just connecting sexually or having someone to share your life with. Men want a woman who is able to put their needs first and is loyal to them. A woman who says yes to all his requests and does not give him a reason to be dissatisfied will be the one who he finds attractive.If a man feels insecure science.org.au


He will go after the woman who gives him security. A woman that is unhappy with her life, but is saying yes to a man that is promising her a bright future will only lead to a life of unhappiness. If she can’t see how to go about accomplishing her dreams, he may move on to someone that can. Women are notorious for their inability to see that the man who is only giving her the best he has to offer doesn’t really care about her.

Often they are blind to the true intent of a man’s intentions when they give in. Listen to what he is telling you. Let him take the lead, don’t be a prude and tell him to go ahead. If you are uncomfortable with what he is saying, let him know. Let him explain, tell him how you feel. Let him have the last word.

Just because you want things to be one way, doesn’t mean you have the right to tell him that you can’t change him. For instance, you may feel that you need to have sex every day. But if you have children, it might be dangerous for him to take that schedule, and even if you don’t have children, he may be looking for something different. Why don’t you let him decide for himself?



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